11 Steps to Pass the Scooter License Taiwan [2024 Guide] | Taiwan Scooter License Test

Passing the Scooter License Taiwan || From Someone Who Did It 😎

Finally, I can say I’m a proud holder of a Taiwanese scooter license. 

But getting a scooter license in Taiwan was not an easy journey. Both in terms of the bureaucracy, you have to deal with, as well as the test itself.


Let alone the fact that I did it (pretty much) entirely by myself without any help from Taiwanese people (until the end!). 

SPOILER || I would not recommend doing this.

TOP TIP || If you have Taiwanese friends to help you on your journey to getting a Taiwanese scooter driving license then THIS is the time to take advantage of them. 

If you don’t and, like me, your journey to becoming the proud owner of a Taiwanese driving license will be a lonely one, then look no further. 

I went through it all so you don’t have to. 

This is all you need to know, all I wish I knew, and more, on getting the Taiwan scooter driving license in Taiwan. 

I also started to prepare for the car driving test in Taiwan too but haven’t passed it yet so watch this space for another one coming… I failed the first time… 😢

Scooter License for Foreigners || Introduction

Scooter License for Foreigners || Who Needs to Take the Test?

Scooter License for Foreigners || Where to Take the Test?

Scooter License for Foreigners || Documents Needed

Scooter License for Foreigners || The Photograph

Scooter License for Foreigners || Medical Test

Scooter License for Foreigners || Application

Scooter License for Foreigners || Preparation

Scooter License for Foreigners || TEST DAY

Scooter License for Foreigners || Part 1: Taking the Scooter Driving Class

Scooter License for Foreigners || Part 2: Written Test

Scooter License for Foreigners || Part 3: Practical Test

Scooter License for Foreigners || Tips on How to Pass 

Scooter License for Foreigners || Key Vocabulary

Scooter License for Foreigners || FAQs

Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || Introduction

The Taiwanese scooter driving test is one that most people in Taiwan will have to take. Driving a scooter in Taiwan is very practical.

With a lack of sidewalks and congested narrow roads with limited parking, motorbikes and scooters rule the road as they zip through the cars and find a parking space everywhere and anywhere. 

If you’re staying in Taiwan for more than 6 months and you have an ARC residence permit, you may want to consider getting a scooter license in Taiwan and getting yourself the Taiwanese scooter license permit. 

DID YOU KNOW || It is valid for 6 years upon receiving it.

After 6 years, you just need to go back to renew it; not do the test again. Thank God. 

Whilst the test is not very tricky and it doesn’t take place on the actual road so it’s to too daunting, there are some things that you need to prepare for. 

The test will take place at a designated testing facility and the practical test itself doesn’t last longer than 2 minutes. Frustrating that in just 2 minutes you can fail and have to wait another two weeks before you can take it again… 

There are some Taiwan-specific manoeuvres you need to prepare for, including the Taiwanese scooter left-turn (if you know, you know). 

But luckily, everything actually is in one location – from the health examination to the written and practical tests. They’re all on-site and hopefully marked in English to help you along. 

So in this guide, we take you step by step on your journey to get a scooter license Taiwan. 

Thank us after you passed! 

Really, let us know in the comments below!

Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || Who Needs to Take the Test?

Step 1: Do I need to take the Taiwan scooter license permit test? 

If you want to drive a scooter above 50cc in Taiwan, then you need to take the scooter driving test. 

Getting around by scooter in Taiwan, particularly outside Taipei, is incredibly practical.

It’s a mode of transport chosen by Taiwanese and foreigners alike. 

Depending on your foreign license, if you have a full driving license or international driving permit, you may still need to take the scooter driving test in Taiwan. 

Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || Where to Take the Test?

Step 2: Where do I need to go to take the scooter license Taiwan permit? 

You will need to find your local Motor Vehicles Office (交通部). 

One thing I found in Tainan at least is that the Motor Vehicles Office can have an entirely different name from where it is. So, the Tainan Motor Vehicles Office is called the Chiayi Branch. 

This was the start of my confusion when I tried to book stuff online. 

But. Only the start. 

I decided to give up doing anything online and go there in person to apply for the test.

TOP TIP || I’d recommend doing this as you have to go in for a medical exam anyway and you may as well make sure you have everything sorted out once you’re there. 

So, find your local Motor Vehicles Office on google maps then prepare the following documents… 

Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || Documents Needed

Step 3: What should I bring with me to apply for the Taiwanese scooter license permit?

You will need your Taiwanese residence permit and bring your passport and driving license with you if you have one because well, why not.

Actually, you won’t need them but I just like to bring these things because there is nothing worst than having to go back home for one document. 

For the actual test day, you will need the following; 

— Medical certificate

— Booking confirmation form

— ARC Residence Permit 

— Money to pay for the test

— 1 inch Colour Photo (they won’t accept passport size, it’s too big)

By this point, we are now one step away from starting the application.

You just need two more things! 

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Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || The Photograph

Step 4: What size should the photograph be for my Taiwanese scooter license permit?

Surprisingly, they are *very* picky about the size of this photograph. You need this photograph to get your medical exam and also your driving permit. 

Without it, you can’t do much. 

It’s not passport size but rather 1 inch. It’s pretty small.

It should be colour, and should follow the normal rules of a passport photo (i.e. no hats, not too much skiing etc). 

If you’re lucky, they will have a photo place at the medical exam station. 

Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || Medical Test

Step 5: What medical test do I need for the Taiwanese scooter license permit?

In order to apply for a scooter license in Taiwan, you will need a medical examination.

This isn’t anything invasive or scary and just basically to prove you’re going to be safe on the road. If you drive in your home country, then you’ll surely be fine passing this round. 

IMPORTANT || I only have experience with the one in Tainan but I can say that no one spoke any English and that it was a tiny crowded sweaty room with machinery from the 1990s.

The place isn’t literally on-site of the Motor Vehicles office but rather it’s opposite one of the entrances.

This confused me no end as I’m not great at directions at the best of times but directions in Chinese? Nah-uh. 

Anyway, I found it and be prepared for a 0 English experience. (Again, this was in Tainan. Perhaps Taipei is different). 

It’s not actually scary but if you speak no Chinese then it is overwhelming. It’s not a medical doctor’s surgery but instead a pretty informal test.

I guess the questions they ask you they might ask in English but there is an entire form in Chinese with no translations. You will also be expected to fill this out in Chinese (your name, address etc). 

There are two forms; one is for the medical exam itself and one is for the actual scooter license. 


TOP TIP || Also, make sure that you have 机车 and not 汽车 form. It will be written at the top. 机车 is for a scooter and 汽车 is for a car. 

I had no idea this small piece of A5 paper would be with me throughout my Taiwanese scooter license journey. But it is.

It’s where the doctor signs off your medical clearance; the examiner signs off your written test pass; and your test instructor signs off your practical test. 

So, you’re going to want to keep a tight hold of this small piece of paper. 

Once you’ve worked or shouted your way through the medical exam (honestly it was very stressful)!

TOP TIP || I would advise going right as it opens in the morning when there aren’t many people around, keep a tight hold of your piece of paper. 

If you’ve passed, you’ll be sent to the back where you pay and collect your stamp. It was not expensive (a few hundred NTD). 

Your medical test will be valid for one year. 

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Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || Application

Step 6: How do I apply to take the scooter license Taiwan?

OK. So by this point, you’ve tracked down your local Motor Vehicles Office, you’ve got your documents together you need to start your application, you’ve taken a photo and got one spare for your application for when you pass (yay!), AND you’ve completed and paid for your medical exam AND got the seal of approval on your A5 sheet of paper. 

Next step is… Actually applying (finally!). 

Actually, this one is pretty easy. Once you know what you’re doing. 

All you do is go back into the main building of the Motor Vehicles Office and there may be a person or a machine to help you book your test. 

You select where (make sure that the location is correct. Like I said before, for some reason the names and locations don’t correspond sometimes. Honestly, no idea why) and when you can do the test. 

Usually, there will be morning and afternoon slots. Make sure you pick one you can do and for your first time taking the test, give yourself at least 3-4 hours for the whole process.

You will be given a time slot to check in (in Tainan the afternoon slot is 1-1:30, for example) where you need to arrive. Make sure to arrive before the end of the check-in time. 

You may be lucky and be able to do your test the following day. You may have to wait a month or more. It depends on when slots are free. 

IMPORTANT || Although the test is in three parts (covered below), this test date covers ALL parts. You don’t need to book them separately. And you don’t need to repeat a part if you’ve already passed. 

Once you have filled out your name and phone number and any other details required to book your slot, that’s it! 

You have completed the first part of the difficult journey.

Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || Preparation

Step 7: How to prepare for the Taiwanese scooter license permit test?

Preparation is an absolute must. 

Honestly, I thought I’d be fine. I’ve driven scooters for years and on much worse and more terrifying roads than in Taiwan.

But none of that matters because there are several technical things you need to be aware of for your scooter test in Taiwan. 

Turns out I wasn’t fine. I rocked up to my test completely unprepared and failed on the first manoeuvre, of course. 

Think you can do any better on your first go? Be my guest! I was fourth in line on my 2nd attempt and everyone in front of me failed. 

The scooter test is basically a course that lasts only 1-2 mins in total. It’s made up of various areas to test your skills.

You learn about them in class, but I’ll go through each one below. 

Scooter License Taiwan | Road Test
Scooter License Taiwan | Road Test

#1 || 7-Second Straight Line 

For this, you have to ride along a thin straight line for AT LEAST 7 seconds (actually, it should be more than 7 seconds). 

Sounds easy? I thought so too! With just a very small build-up to this line, it’s very hard to gain your initial balance, and even harder to keep it going as you ride slowly to make up those 7 seconds. 

Most people fail here and it’s very annoying because it’s right at the start. Actually, you get two goes of this one, so if you make a mistake first, you can try again. 

#2 || Stop Sign

After crossing the 7-second straight line, there will be a white line with 停 below it. 停 means stop, and stop here you must. 

There will also be yellow flashing lights.

Once you have stopped, you should then look both left and right – in a very exaggerated fashion. 

#3 || Left Signal

You should then indicate left to go round the corner before you then come to the next one. 

#4 || Traffic Signals

Turn your indicators off and stop at the traffic lights – EVEN IF IT’S GREEN. 

I don’t know why this is a thing. But even if the traffic lights are green here, you should still stop.

In my eyes this is incorrect AND I’m pretty sure in the instructional video they instruct you to NOT stop at green; but this is how I saw everyone else (who passed) doing it so if in doubt, ask the instructor beforehand. 

#5 || Taiwanese Turn Left Box

This one is pretty special! You might have seen on Taiwanese roads there is a special box for scooters turning left.

That’s because when a scooter turns left, they shouldn’t follow the cars but instead should carry on straight, then stop, position themselves in a box turning left, then wait until the green light for the traffic now going forwards changes. 

Here you need to make sure your whole scooter gets inside this white box and you’re not too much on an angle. 

#6 || Look Left and Right

Make sure to look left and right before you start here again. 

You will then drive down a short road until…

#7 || Left, Right, Right, Stop

The next one is one left turn (indicated left) followed by two sharp right turns (indicate right before the first right). 

You will then come to another stop sign. 

#8 || Left Turn

Look both left and right before tuning left to approach the final manoeuvre. 

#9 || Stop at Railroad Crossing 

The final one!

You should stop in a box marked with X and make sure both wheels are within the white area. 

There will be the sound of alarms from the railroad. Once this stops, look eft and right before then carrying on to the finish line. 

You’ve passed! 

Recounting all of this, it sounds like the test site is massive. It’s not.

And that’s what kind of makes it difficult in a way.

The roads are narrow, turns are sharp, and you’re not permitted to touch the sides, and you won’t have much distance between each of the manoeuvres. 

In order to practice these, there are several practice locations in Taiwan.

There may also be a practice location in the Motor Vehicles Office, and in Tainan there is even an extra area to just practice the deadly 7-second line. 

If you have the opportunity, borrow a friends’ bike to practice here. Alternatively, you could also take part in a course with a professional teacher. 

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Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || TEST DAY

Step 8: What do I need to know about the day of the Taiwanese scooter test?

On the day of the Taiwanese scooter test, you need to make sure you bring all your documents with you and arrive on time.

There will be a 30 minute slot in which you should arrive. Queue up with your documents and sign in. 

Documents to bring:

— Medical certificate 

— 1 inch photo 

— ARC residence permit 

— Money to pay (250MTD for your first test, 125NTD for your second test and subsequent tests). 

That’s it!

Once you check-in, you need to wait for the class to begin in if it’s your first time. 

After you complete the written test then do the practical test. But let’s not skip ahead too much!  

Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || Test Part 1: Scooter Driving Class

Step 9: Do I have to take a class for the Taiwanese scooter permit?

Yes, you have to take a class for the scooter permit. 

But good news! This is the easiest part of the whole thing. 

IMPORTANT || You just have to be prepared to sit for around 2 hours and listen to Chinese and Taiwanese. Yes, some of the videos you have to watch are in Taiwanese! 

But it really is just watching videos with some interjection from the teacher. It’s pretty informal. 

I think you can book the test in English but there were people in the class that didn’t understand Chinese so I guess it’s OK to not.

Plus, watching is pretty self-explanatory. The teacher also spoke in Taiwanese at multiple points despite the fact there were clearly foreigners in the class so. Couldn’t have been that important. 

There is a questionnaire at the end, but you don’t actually get a mark from this. I guess its just to check you were paying attention. 

You can’t fail this one, so no pressure! 

Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || Test Part 2: Written Test

Step 10: What does the Taiwanese scooter license written test entail?

The written test is the second part of three parts to your driving test.

You can fail this one, so watch out. 

TOP TIP || You should prepare for this by reading some theory online on the different signs and questions they might ask.

There are some Taiwan-specific questions so even if you’re good with driving theory of your own country, you should make sure to brush up on what the signs mean and what the rules are in Taiwan. 

There will be a practice test computer outside or near the room so you can practice here! 

Multiple resources are also available online. This test is available in multiple languages. 

IF you pass this one, you can move onto the practical test. 

Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || Test Part 3: Practical Test

Step 11: What to know for the road test for the scooter license Taiwan?

The practical test is the third and final part of three parts to your driving test.

And the one you’ll probably fail first time, if you haven’t had adequate preparation. 

Head down from the classroom and test room to the driving test area. 

For this, you can borrow their bike but need to first pay the fee (just for petrol contribution). 

TOP TIP || If possible, borrow someone’s bike. It’s not great to do your test on a bike you’ve never practiced on before! 

Then you’ll line up at the start line to the test and wait for your turn. Simple as that! 

If you pass, you will get a stamp on that special A5 piece of paper.

Take this back to the desk and get your driving license. Yay!

For this you need to pay another 200 NTD. A small price to pay for all the slaving away you’ve done! 

If you fail, your paper will be returned to you and you should go back to re-book your test for another day. Don’t worry – try again another day!

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Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || Tips on How to Pass 

MOST IMPORTANT TIP || You MUST prepare in advance. 

Don’t be like me and think just because you have driven a scooter for several years and in various different countries and situations that you will pass easily. 

I failed my first time and almost my second time through lack of preparation. It’s a waste of your time to go in unprepared. Trust me! 

Prepare specifically for two things – the written test and the circuit you have to complete for the practical test. 

In the written test, there are various Taiwan-specific signs you may not be familiar with.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with these. If you only have a couple of hours then make sure you spend your time doing this. 

You should also make sure you are prepared for the circuit 

Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || Key Vocabulary 

Here are some key terms you NEED to know before you start applying for your scooter test in Taiwan. 

I wish I knew these beforehand:

Simplified ChineseTraditional ChineseEnglish
驾照駕照Driving License
笔试筆試Written Exam / Theory
练习场練習場Practice Area

That concludes our guide to passing the Taiwan scooter test and getting your Taiwan scooter license. We really hope this was useful. Please feel free to ask us any questions below and share your experience too. Good luck 😎

Scooter Driving Test in Taiwan || FAQs

I have a full driving license, do I still need to take the test?

Depending on your license, most probably!

Can I get a Taiwan driving license as a foreigner?

Yes you can.

There are a number of steps you’ll need to go through, and there is a 3-part test to take as well.

If you are a prepared you’ll have little problem, but the key is preparation and avoid complacency.

Can foreigners take the scooter driving test in Taiwan? 


As long as you have a residence permit of 6 months or more.

Are there different languages for the written test?

Yes, there are several different languages offered including English.

Can you pass the Taiwan scooter driving test without practising?

We believe most will fail without any prior practice, no matter how much experience you have riding a scooter.

It’s a good idea to practice first and learn more about what you need to do.

I don’t have a scooter. Can I borrow one from the examiners for the test?


You will have to pay a (very) small fee to contribute towards the petrol. 

If I fail the practical test, do I have to sit through the class and written test again?


Next time you can go straight to the practical road test.

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      Unfortunately we don’t know the answers to these questions Jassi 🙁

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