Night Markets in Tainan || The Ultimate Guide

The Best Night Markets in Taiwan || The Big 5 Night Markets in Tainan

Night markets in Taiwan are an absolute institution, and night markets in Tainan in southern Taiwan are arguably some of the best and most original and are famous throughout the country.

So when you pack hundreds of these food stalls together in one area and mix it up with a lively atmosphere, fun games, and innovative cuisine – you’ve got a recipe for something super special. 

Not only that, but night markets in Tainan are really unique.

They’re unlike other night markets that you might find elsewhere.

They’re only open for 2-3 days per week and are located in massive areas outside and don’t allow for cars to go anywhere nearby – unlike night markets in Taipei you might find which are simply small streets.

台南夜市 | Táinán yèshì | Tainan Night Market

夜市 | Yèshì | Night Market

Tainan has five famous night markets.

Although it’s not just limited to these five, it is these five that we will be going over today.

We’ll take a look at where they are, which ones you should visit, and why you should not miss out on visiting them in the first place! 

Night Markets in Tainan || Introduction

Night Markets in Tainan || Days of the Week

Night Markets in Tainan || Tainan Garden Night Market 

Night Markets in Tainan || Tainan Dadong Night Market

Night Markets in Tainan || Tainan Wusheng Night Market

Night Markets in Tainan || Tainan Xiaobei Night Market

Night Markets in Tainan || Tainan Xin Yonghua Night Market 

Night Markets in Tainan || Tainan Night Market LIST

Night Markets in Tainan || What to Eat in Night Markets

Night Markets in Tainan || FAQs

Night Markets in Tainan || Introduction

Night Markets in Tainan are some of the best in the whole of Taiwan.

Tainan is Taiwan’s culinary capital and is also home to the oldest and also largest night markets in Taiwan. 

If you’ve never been to a night market in Taiwan before, night markets in Tainan will not disappoint.

You should make sure to visit as many night markets in Taiwan as possible before you end your trip.

There is truly nothing quite like it and each one is unique in its own way. 

Visiting a night market in Taiwan is also the best way to try various traditional and innovative Taiwanese foods or Taiwan Little Eats / Xiaochi.

Go to a night market hungry, walk around and try a handful of different ‘little eats’ (Xiaochi) and you definitely won’t be disappointed by the amount of choice – nor how quickly you get full! 

Because of their popularity, you should be aware that night markets in Tainan can get very crowded; especially on a Friday or weekend. You should be prepared to get stuck in the crowds as you fight your way

down the narrow walkways and have to queue for the good food!

Food in Taiwan || Top Taiwanese Food You Simply Cannot Miss Thumbnail

Food in Taiwan || Top Taiwanese Food You Simply Cannot Miss

Food in Taiwan is full of flavour and variety. Using a base of noodles and rice, with strong flavours and lots of meat (mainly beef and pork) and fish.


Both in Taiwan and mainland China, night markets have been an important part of the culture for many centuries. 

During the time of Japanese occupation,  the night markets were highly regulated. In the 1950s, they saw a boom and have since been a popular meeting place to hang out with friends, socialise, and enjoy some food and shopping. 


All of the night markets in Tainan are located outside the city centre. This is unlike other markets that you’ll find in Kaohsiung or Taipei, which are all central. This is due to the city regulations and means you might have. Bit of a travel to get to the night market. 

Some are located closer to central locations and in walking distance – others you’ll need public transport for. Ideally, you will travel by scooter as there is ample parking there for scooters. 


Obviously, the main thing one goes to a night market in Tainan for (and indeed any market in Taiwan) is the food. And for good reason. We have a list of Taiwan night market foods at the bottom, so skip to there if that’s what you’re after. 

But just as a short introduction to the type of food you can expect to find at the night market in Tainan…

You will mainly find small food stalls selling Xiaochi (little eats) in the markets in Tainan.

They will usually be street vendors (easily portable, as the night markets are not open every day and often the same vendors move between the different markets throughout the week). 

Some of the vendors will offer a location where you can actually sit down and enjoy a more full-on meal, for example, hot stone BBQs, but most are small stalls of small snack items that you can fill up on as you go around the markets. 

For some, the crowds make for an unpleasant experience. Be aware that it will be an attack on all the senses; sights, sounds, and smells galore!  


Night markets in Tainan are not just about the food.

The entertainment is reason alone to go to these night markets as you can take a step back in time.

Forget about VR and fancy arcade games that you’ll find post-2020. 

No – these games are old school.

Apart from normal games you might expect to find at a fair, including things like trying to shoot a target and hooking a duck, you’ll also find arcade-style games from the 1980s.

You’ll probably need a local to tell you how they work as they’re often not too self-explanatory. But they’re loud. Fun. And the vibe is electric. 

Give them a go! 


Night markets in Tainan are some of the best places to get your bad English t-shirt souvenirs, your phone cases, and your downright weird and frankly a lot of the time cheap-looking souvenirs. 

Some of the stalls at some of the markets can be independent stores run by the owner who makes their own boutique items. But more often than not, they’re just cheap mass-produced products that are great if you’re after something like that..!  

With all the food, shopping, and entertainment, you should put aside a good hour or two, or more, (depending on the night market) to have a leisurely look around. 

Night Markets in Tainan || Days of the Week

Another unique feature of the night markets in Tainan is the fact that they are not permanent and not open every day. In fact, most of them are only open twice or three times a week. 

Some of the vendors move between the night markets throughout the week so you may see them a few times. 

In order to remember which is which, the locals in Tainan have a cool phrase: 

大大武花大花花 (Dà dà wǔ huā dà huā huā)

It means Monday, Tuesday and Friday are for 大 (Ta-Tung Night Market), Wednesday and Saturday is for 武 (Wusheng Night Market), and Thursday and Sunday are for 花 (Garden Night Market).

If in doubt, Goole Maps usually shows up the correct opening times for the night markets in Tainan! 

Opening Times

Opening times may differ a tad but generally, they are all similar. They open generally around 5-6 PM, get their busiest from around 7-10 PM, and close around 12 AM or 1 AM.  

Chinese Food Culture // The 8 Great Chinese Cuisines Thumbnail

Chinese Food Culture // The 8 Great Chinese Cuisines

Chinese cuisines have typically been divided into ‘Eight Great Cuisines’ as a means of simplifying this vast and complex tradition.

Night Markets in Tainan || Tainan Garden Night Market 

Night MarketTainan Garden Night Market / Tainan Flower Market
Chinese Name 花園夜市 (Huāyuán yèshì)
Opening DaysThursday, Saturday, and Sunday
Opening Hours5 PM–12 AM
AddressNo. 533號, Section 3, Hai’an Rd, North District, Tainan City, Taiwan 704
Tainan Garden Market Information

Also known as Tainan Flower Night Market, Tainan Garden Night Market is definitely the biggest and most well-known of all the night markets in Tainan.

In fact, it’s one of the most well known night markets in the whole of Taiwan. 

The Tainan Garden Night Market is the biggest night market in Taiwan, with around 400 vendors.

It opened in 1999, closed in 2003 then reopened again in 2005. It grew in size over several years before 2013 reaching what it is now today. 

Bubble tea in Chinese – make sure to grab one of these in Tainan!

It’s so popular that it used to be the number one ‘check into’ place in Facebook in Taiwan, and even the 12th most ‘checked in’ to place in the whole world!

At Tainan Garden Night Market you can get lost in the 10+ rows of stalls that offer an assortment of foods. The sights and smells will surely blind you and leave you hungry to try everything as you walk through the crowded and narrow pathways. 

There are then two other areas to explore as you go to the entertainment section that’s full of arcade games you can try your luck with, and a large area for clothing and other shops selling everything from jewellery to phone cases. 

It’s one of the best places in Taiwan to try Taiwanese foods and Xiaochi. It’s super popular with both tourists and locals alike. Do not miss a visit to Tainan Flower Night Market!

Flower Night Market in Tainan is held every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Garden Night Market: How to Get There

Bus #3 from Tainan Train Station (North Station) stop (南火車站(北站) and get off at Costco stop (好市多)


Bus #7 from Tainan Train Station (South Station) stop (南火車站(南站) and get off at Flower Night Market (花園夜市).

Night Markets in Tainan || Tainan Dadong Night Market

Night MarketDadong Night Market (Ta-Tung Night Market)
Chinese Name 大東夜市 (Da-Dong-Ye-Shi)
Opening DaysMonday, Tuesday, and Friday
Opening Hours5 PM–12 AM
AddressNo. 276號, Section 1, Linsen Rd, East District, Tainan City, 701
Dadong Night Market Information

If Tainan Garden Night Market is the most popular night market in Tainan and uber famous throughout Taiwan, then Dadong Night Market takes second place. 

Very similar to the layout of Garden Night Market, here you’ll find all three of food, entertainment, and shopping. It’s not AS big as Garden Night Market, but pretty much there! 

It first opened around the same time as Garden Night Market (2000) and has since been growing steadily in popularity. 

Since they fall on different days, many of the vendors that operate at Garden Night Market also operate at Dadong Night Market! 

Dadong Night Market is also very popular with tourists since it is one of the most central night markets in Tainan, and probably the easiest to get to if you’re coming from central Tainan.

Dadong Night Market: How to Get There

Bus R1 from Tainan Train Station (North Station) stop (南火車站(北站) and get off at Longshan Temple Stop (龍山寺)


Bus #3 from Tainan Train Station (South Station) stop (南火車站(南站)) and get off at Longshan Temple Stop (龍山寺).


On foot approx. 30-minute from Tainan Confucius Temple / 20-minute from Wufei Temple.

Night Markets in Tainan || Tainan Wusheng Night Market

Night MarketTainan Wusheng Night Market
Chinese Name 武圣夜市 (Wu-Sheng-Ye-Shi)
Opening DaysWednesday, Saturday
Opening Hours5 PM–12 AM
AddressLane 69, Wusheng Rd, West Central District, Tainan City, 700
Wusheng Night Market Information

Number three on this list of night markets in Tainan, Wusheng Night Market is Tainan’s third most popular night market. And also the third largest with around 250 stalls.

Wusheng Night Market in Tainan is special as it’s Tainan’s oldest and longest running night market.

It opened in 1984 and therefore it’s very popular with the locals who have been coming here for years.

It’s actually the original Tainan night market, with Dadong and Garden Night Markets pretty much mimicking the layout afterwards. 

Similar to Dadong, it’s pretty easy to get to from Central Tainan. Located in the west central district, where most of Tainan’s popular sights are, it’s a great night market to squeeze into a short stay. 

Wusheng Night Market also showcases a variety of entertainment in the form of old-school carnival games, and newer ones such as archery.

They also have an outdoor toy auction, and I also saw people getting a facial, their ears waxed, and their fortunes told!

Wusheng Night Market: How to Get There

15 min. walk from Shennong Street


Bus #3 from Tainan Train Station (North Station) stop (南火車站(北站) and get off at Wenxian Junior High School stop (文賢國中).

Night Markets in Tainan || Tainan Xiaobei Night Market

Night MarketTainan Xiaobei Night Market [New Xiaobei Chenggong Night Market/Xiaobei Chenggong Night Market]
Chinese Name 小北觀光夜市 / 小北新成功夜市
Opening DaysTuesday, Friday
Opening Hours5pm-12am
AddressNo. 101號, Section 4, Ximen Rd, North District, Tainan City, 704
Xiaobei Night Market Information

Tainan Xiaobei Night Market is a night market with a bit of a difference. It’s not actually one night market, but a pair of night markets with similar names around the same location.

雞排 are fried chicken cutlets – some of the very best can be found in Taiwanese night markets!

Xiaobei Night Market consists of both Xiaobei Chenggong Night Market (小北觀光夜市) and New Xiaobei Chenggong Night Market (小北新成功夜市).

Because they both have the name Xiaobei 小北, they are coupled together often.

These two night markets in Tainan operate nearby each other in the North District.

They’re famous for having a more local flair and also being inside; a bit different to the other three night markets in Tainan covered thus far.

You won’t find the most innovative cuisine here but rather it’s more local produce and stalls.

You’re likely to find much more local food here including eel and also the controversial snake soup…

Next to Tainan Park, it makes for a nice visit when around the area.

Xiaobei Night Market: How to Get There

Shingnan Blue Line from Tainan Train Station (North Station) stop (南火車站(北站)) and get off at Jiancheng Market (建成市場) & walk 5 mins.


Walk from Tainan Park (approx. 15 mins).

Night Markets in Tainan || Tainan Xin Yonghua Night Market 

Night MarketTainan Xin Yonghua Night Market
Chinese Name 新永華夜市
Opening DaysThursday, Saturday
Opening Hours5pm-11:30pm
Address708, Tainan City, Anping District, Huaping Rd, 建平七街 十字路口
Xin Yonghua Night Market Information

As it only reopened in 2019, Xin Yonghua Night Market is Tainan’s newest night market.

Although it’s located in the popular tourist destination of Anping, it’s actually pretty far still from the major attractions. 

Much smaller than other night markets in Tainan, Xin Yonghua Night Market is good for those who don’t like big crowds or for those not looking for too much choice.

You’ll still get all the local and best kind of foods and the dishes probably will be more standard rather than creative. 

Xin Yonghua Night Market: How to Get There

Walk from Anping sites; 35-minute walk from Anping Fort or Old Street to the night market.


From Tainan center, Bus #5 from Tainan Train Station (South Station) stop (南火車站(南站)) and get off at Huaping Road Intersection stop (華平路口).

Night Markets in Tainan || Tainan Night Market LIST

Above we went over Tainan’s most famous 5 night markets. But, there are actually a lot more night markets in Tainan.

Due to the nature of night markets, it’s best to check before you go that it’s still open (some may have closed down) and also that it’s not been cancelled that day due to bad weather.

This sometimes happens as the markets are usually outside and therefore don’t operate when it rains.

The below give a much more local feel and are a lot smaller.

They’re good to visit if you find yourself lcoated in these districts, but otherwise, it’s recommended to visit one of the Tainan top 5 night markets instead.

EastDadong Night Market ✓ ✓ ✓
Renhe Night Market ✓
Bao Hua Night Market ✓ ✓
NorthChenggong Night Market ✓ ✓
Garden Flower Night Market ✓ ✓ ✓
Xiaobei Night Market ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
West CentralWusheng Night Market ✓ ✓
AnpingXin Yong Hua Night Market ✓ ✓
SouthWanli Night Market ✓ ✓
Sishu Night Market ✓
YongkangYongda Night Market ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Fuhua Night Market ✓  ✓
Zhongxing Night Market ✓
Shenglong St. Night Market  ✓
Yan Xing Night Market ✓
Dawan Night Market ✓
RendeDe Nan Night Market  ✓ ✓
Zhong Cuo Night Market  ✓
AnnanShierdian Night Market ✓
Guozhai Night Market ✓ ✓
Huagu Night Market ✓
Ben Yuan Liao Night Market ✓
Shengmu Night Market ✓
Zhongzhou Night Market ✓   ✓
Guiren Guiren Night Market ✓
GuanmaoGuanmao Night Market ✓ ✓
XinhuaXinhua Night Market ✓ ✓
ShanhuaShanhua Night Market ✓ ✓ ✓
XinshiXinshi Night Market ✓
AndingAnding Night Market ✓
ShanshangShanshang Night Market ✓
YujingYujing Night Market ✓ ✓
JialiJiali Night Market ✓
Anxi Night Market ✓ ✓
Ren Ai Night Market ✓ ✓
MadouMadou Night Market ✓
XigangXigang Night Market  ✓ ✓
GuantianLongtian Night Market ✓
XinyingXinjin Night Market ✓ ✓
Xinying Night Market ✓
LiuyingLiuying Night Market ✓
XiayingXiaying Night Market ✓
Zhongying Night Market ✓
BaiheBaihe Night Market ✓ ✓
Liujia Liujia Night Market ✓
YanshuiYanshui Night Market ✓
XuejiaXuejia Night Market  ✓
JiangjunOu Wang Night Market ✓
Taken from Go Taiwan (Tainan Market List & Timetable)

Night Markets in Tainan || What to Eat in Night Market

When visiting a night market in Tainan, you can eat absolutely anything. And everything. Depending on how adventurous you want to be, that is!

Below is a list of some of the most standard Taiwan Xiaochi and the best things you can find at the night markets in Tainan.

It is a good idea to look up what the speciality is in that market and at that time, as there are often new trends that are good to get on.

TOP TIP: If there’s a big queue, you know it’s probably going to be worth it!

  • Fried Chicken Steak (香雞排)
  • Taiwanese Tempura (甜不辣)
  • Deep-fried milk (炸牛奶)
  • Grilled Hotplate Chicken Skewers (韓醬鐵板串燒)
  • Crispy Ribs (香酥排骨)
  • Scallion Pancakes (蔥油餅)(古曼蔥油餅)
  • QQ balls (QQ球)
  • Fried chicken (炸鸡)
  • Coffin Toast (棺材板)
  • Gua Bao Sandwiches (掛包)
  • Small sausage inside large sausage (大腸包小腸) 
  • Bubble tea (珍珠奶茶)
  • Candied guava (醃芭樂)
  • Grilled chicken steak (烤雞排)
  • Spicy duck blood (麻辣鴨血)
  • Spring roll ice cream (春捲冰淇淋)
  • Stinky tofu (臭豆腐)
  • Winter melon drink (冬瓜茶)

Night Markets in Tainan || FAQs

Which days of the week are the markets on?

Remember this!


Which is the best night market to visit?

Tainan Garden Market / Tainan Flower Market is often the most popular for tourists, although Dadong is said to give a more local feel.

Is there vegetarian food at the night market in Tainan?

Yes, there are some vegan and vegetarian foods within Taiwan’s ‘Xiaochi’ category.

Although if you’re squeamish, you should be aware that the night markets may also have a to of meat and strange products around, including duck’s blood and snake soup.

How to get to How much time should I spend at Tainan’s night markets?

Give yourself at least an hour, but maybe you’ll need two or more depending on how much food you consume, shopping you do, or games you enjoy!

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