Here is a full list of Taiwan Public Holidays for 2022 and 2023.

Please note LTL Mandarin School Taiwan is open 365 days a year and classes are taken and arranged accordingly. If you have further questions about Taiwan Bank holidays, please contact us.

DatesHolidaysTraditional characters
1er January 2022International New Year元旦 yuándàn
From 31 January to 6 February 2022 Chinese New Year春節 chūnjié
28 February 2022Peace Memorial Day228 和平紀念日 hépíng jìniàn rì
5 April 2022 Children’s Day兒童節 értóng jié
5 April 2022 Qing Ming Jie清明節 qīngmíng jié
1er May 2022Labor Day勞動節 láodòng jié
3 June 2022 Dragon Boat Festival端午節 duānwǔ jié
9 and 10 September 2022Mid-Autumn Festival中秋節 zhōngqiū jié
10 October 2022 ROC National Day國慶日 guóqìng rì

COMPENSATION DAYS – In Taiwan and the Mainland, compensation work takes place in order to allow a longer holiday break. This was implemented because many family members have to make long journeys from work cities to home towns and allows them to spend longer with their families during the most important times of the year.

2022 Taiwan compensation days are as follow:

* Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th January are worked.


DatesHolidaysTraditional characters
1er January 2023International New Year元旦 yuándàn
From 21 January to 26 January 2023 Chinese New Year春節 chūnjié
28 February 2023Peace Memorial Day228 和平紀念日 hépíng jìniàn rì
4 April 2023 Children’s Day兒童節 értóng jié
5 April 2023 Qing Ming Jie清明節 qīngmíng jié
1er mai 2022Labor Day勞動節 láodòng jié
22 May 2023 Dragon Boat Festival端午節 duānwǔ jié
29 September 2023Mid-Autumn Festival中秋節 zhōngqiū jié
10 October 2023 ROC National Day國慶日 guóqìng rì

This is an estimate. All dates need to be officially confirmed.


There is no doubt figuring out holidays in Taiwan and the Mainland is a tricky thing for a new comer!

There is a rather unique system for these holidays which involves days being moved around, making some Sunday’s working days.

But why!!

The reason is actually one that makes a lot of common sense, so let’s give you an example.

Chinese New Year is a 3 day holiday

So let’s say you get Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off. Alongside the weekend that is 5 days off.

But why have 5 days off when you can create 7?

How this is done is to declare the Thursday and Friday of that week as holiday’s also, but to do this you must work two weekend days to make up for it!

Where Is Taiwan On A World Map?
Taiwan and the Mainland are not small – travelling home takes time

Therefore, a weekend, either before or after the festival is declared a working “weekend”, giving you a 7 day working week for the pleasure. Likewise this could be split into two 6 day working weeks depending on how it falls.

Why make people work 7 days in a week?

The argument is this – having a 7 day holiday is much better than a 5 day holiday when a vast number of the population have to travel a LONG way to be home with families. This makes the journey far more worthwhile, 2 extra days makes the world of difference when spending, let’s say, 15 hours on the road from door to door to get home to families.

In a nutshell – that’s why there is a unique system like this for Taiwan Public Holidays.

NOTE – Our schools in the mainland follow a slightly different set of holidays. To find out more about the Mainland Public Holidays visit our page.

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