LTL Taiwan are a full-accredited language school based in Taipei and are ready to help you with all your visa queries.

The Taiwan Visa requirements vary depending on nationality. Many will enjoy visa free travel, others will not.

We can provide supporting documents for your visa application, if you need to apply for one, within one day of completing your booking.

Once you have received the documents to apply for your visa, you will need to apply at your local Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO office).

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The application rules for Taiwanese visas vary based on your nationality. People of many nationalities can travel to Taiwan visa free for a certain number of days. Please refer to our table below for more details on this.

However, for other nationalities and for students wanting to study in the Mainland as well as Taiwan, you will need to apply for a student visa.

After completing your booking we will prepare the visa documents you need within one day. You then need to apply for this visa via your nearest TECO Office in your home country.

Some embassies accept electronic copies of invitation documents, we can email these over to you. Others will require the original documents. We can send these to you via DHL. Generally this takes between two to five days. The cost will vary from roughly 400CNY to 700 CNY.


Once you have booked your Chinese language course at LTL Taiwan, send your student advisor a copy of your passport plus flight arrival and departure dates. Within 24 hours we will have your visa documents ready for you. If you need them even quicker, we can work with you.

Some embassies require original documents, some accept electronic copies. The original documents can be sent via DHL. Note that postal charges also apply. Please tell us the address you would like the documents posted to and check all your personal information.

BE AWARE – There are many companies who claim to offer visa invitation services. Be very careful with these. Only fully accredited Mandarin language schools such as ourselves are legally allowed to issue these kinds of invitations.

You must study FULL TIME with LTL to qualify for Visa support. Student Visitor Visas and Visitor Visas to Taiwan look very similar. The Student version will include the letters ‘FR’ printed in the remarks on the visa sticker in your passport.


Rules and regulations regarding visas in Taiwan and around the world are forever changing. The information below is up to date at the time of print, but is always be subject to change. We will always assist you with the visa process but remember to make the various online checks yourself also.

Thankfully the Taiwan Visa requirements have become relatively relaxed in recent years meaning that the countries below can enter Taiwan without a visa for a certain number of days, up to 90 days.

If you plan on taking our Taiwan and Mainland Multi City program, you’ll need to get yourself a visa for when you visit the Mainland. Please contact us, or visit our China Visa page for more details.

90 Day Visa30 Day Visa15 Day Visa1 Year Working Abroad
United Kingdom (180 Days Extension)TurkeyVietnamUnited Kingdom
BelgiumThailand Argentina New Zealand
Czech Republic   
Canada (18 Days Extension)   
All other EU Countries   


We will always send you the electronic copies of your visa documents first and foremost so you can apply with them. This will save you the DHL charges.

Of course, if you wish to travel around Taiwan after completing your Mandarin course, we can look at getting you a longer visa.

Electronic documentsOriginal documents
FREEDHL charges, depending on your location


Do I need a visa to come to LTL if I just study in Taiwan?

Depending on your nationality you may be able to come and study without getting a visa.

You need to take two factors into account, the first the length of time you want to come and study Mandarin in Taiwan, the second your nationality. Refer to the table above.

If you can tick both these boxes they can you travel visa free. If not, or you wish to also visit the Mainland, then you’ll need a separate visa for that.

What if I want to study in Taiwan, then in China?

You’ll need a visa.

Although you maybe OK in Taiwan (depending on length of time and nationality), most nationalities will need a visa for Mainland China and this will need to be arranged before you start your course.

How about getting a multiple entry student visa invitation?

We can arrange this if you so wish, however it’s ultimately up to the TECO office to decide if it’s approved.

We ask you let us know well in advance so we can prepare the documents for this.

If you don’t manage to get one in your home country then you might be able to apply during your stay, though the same idea applies, you may or may not be approved.

What do I need to apply for a Taiwan student visa?

The general requirements for applying for a Taiwan student visa are:

– Your passport (original and photocopy)

– Application form

– Two passport sized pictures

– A printed out copy of the school’s invitation documents and certificate of enrolment.

– Health certificate (original and photocopy)

– Chinese study plan

– Financial statement

When I apply, should I use an agency or apply myself?

We’d generally recommend using an agency. Although there is a cost it’s worth paying in our experience.

TECO offices can be fairly bureaucratic and the information listed on the websites are not clear and quite often out of date.

The opening hours can be inconvenient if you work and you also have to travel to your nearest office, which could be a long distance in some areas.

An agency has experience in dealing with this and it will save you much time and stress, especially if it’s your first visa application.

If you do decide to use an agency please make sure to do your research and find an experienced one who is recommended by others. The more experienced the better.

Visa rules and regulations change often so a company who knows the deal day in day out, is much easier to trust.

Can I apply for a visa extension?

You are welcome to apply for an extension of your visa.

One important thing to note is that your fate will lie in the hands of the officer in charge.

You could easily be rejected so we recommend that your original visa covers your stay for the duration of the trip.

What do you need off me to be able to hand over the original documents?

– Full name of the receiving person

– Address with post code

– A phone number the courier can call to complete delivery.

We are happy to pre-pay the DHL fees.

You’d then pay them back with your invoice all in one go. If you are unsure, or wish to discuss this. Just ask us.

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