Join LTL for a Semester in Taiwan and study Chinese for 18 weeks with our university style academic program.

You’ll study Mandarin with a group of students (not exceeding six people), make friends for life and experience the wonderful culture of Taiwan.

All lessons are taught using Traditional Chinese characters.

The idea of the Semester program in Taiwan is to get all students talking and participating.

There are no big classes and no huge lecture theatres. Just a small intimate setting where classes average less than three students to ensure maximum progression in 18 weeks in Taiwan.

If you can’t make it to Taiwan for your semester, we also offer Online Semester. Same program, but online!

Our Students and Teachers in Taiwan
  • 18 week university style course
  • Fixed Semester program
  • Great value Chinese course
  • Traditional Chinese Characters

Chinese Semester in Taiwan

Small – Maximum of 6 students per class. Everyone plays a part
Fast Progression – Get your Mandarin ahead fast
University Style – 18 weeks of Chinese class, amazing fun

Our community

Everyone Matters – You are never “just another student”
Social Life – Events are arranged every week for all students
Diverse – We welcome students from all around the world
Teachers, Staff and Students – A big family


A Family – Everyone matters, we have a class community feel
24/7 Support – Always happy to help. We are all here for you
Learn Fast – Beginners normally reach HSK3/4

Value Choice

Excellent Value – Save big compared to other Chinese programs
Class Length – All Chinese lessons are 55 minutes
Study Materials – All your text books are included
Accommodation – Excellent value options to choose from


Experience a university style academic semester at LTL Taiwan and get your Mandarin ahead fast.

We offer two 18 week semester programs in Taiwan, a Spring Semester and a Fall Semester and we give our students the foundation they need to reach HSK3 and sometimes HSK4 within one semester.

Chinese Lessons will take place Monday through to Friday and each day you will have four hours of class. Generally two in the morning before a break for lunch, and then two afterwards.

Group sizes for our Taiwan Semester program never exceed sic students and average less than three students per class. This gives every student the chance to speak, read, write and improve compared to being “just another number”.

We care deeply about the progression of each and every student, hence the small group class size.

We are lucky enough to have the best teachers in Taipei. We demand all teachers have at least five years teaching experience and a degree in teaching foreigners Chinese.

This gives means you can rest easy, knowing you are being taught Chinese by the best Chinese tutors in the business.

The Taiwan Semester Program is available from complete beginner level, up to HSK3 (B1) level. If you are a level above this please check out our individual Chinese classes in Taiwan which would be best suited to you. We offer part time Chinese classes as well as full time at LTL Taiwan.


There are so many reasons why your progression studying Chinese at LTL will be as swift as possible. Although it’s easy for us to say why, it may give you more comfort to hear what other students have to say about studying at LTL. Take a look at some reviews of our Chinese language schools and see for yourself.

The Mandarin Semester program at LTL offers you small classes and we cannot state how important this is when studying Mandarin.

From the very early stages, it’s imperative to get your mouth moving. Speaking with your teacher, fellow students and locals will go a huge way to improving your language skills. If you don’t talk, how can you ever know what’s right and wrong?

This is the main factor for our small group sizes. Six students at the very maximum, under three on average. This allows you to cover all of speaking, reading, writing and listening to a strong level.

Add onto that our lessons are 55 minutes long and not 45 like at some centre and universities. An extra 10 minutes per lesson is 40 minutes per day, 200 minutes per week which is over 3 hours.

That’s a huge amount of Chinese!

We are strong believers in our ability to get your Chinese fast and our Semester Program in Taiwan is a great way of doing that at great value.


Our Semester program has fixed starting dates and runs for 18 weeks at a time. Prices for our Spring Semester and Fall Semester are the same. PRICES ARE IN NEW TAIWAN DOLLARS.

Semester Program in TaipeiStarting DatePrice
Spring Semester6 Feb. 2023 – 9 Jun. 2023137,700 NTD
Fall Semester18 Sep. 2023 – 19 Jan. 2024137,700 NTD

PLEASE NOTE – The price (listed in new Taiwan Dollars) for the semester program in Taipei includes all Chinese tuition, textbooks and learning materials, 24/7 support from the LTL Staff and Student visa support.

Accommodation in Taiwan and flights are not included in the Semester Program price. Please ask us for further support if need be.


How many Semester students are beginners?

A fair percentage are beginners but certainly not all students who join our Semester Program.

We asses each individual before starting their LTL courses and we use this to help build the perfect class for each person. You will always be with a group of similar ability no matter what.

Will my progress be faster than at University?

You really will and this is due to a number of factors. Our small class size is a vital component in this statement.

Add onto that our brilliant teachers who adhere to every single students level and needs.

There is genuinely a personal feel when being a student at LTL and it rubs off on all students who come and study with us.

Will I become fluent after 1 or 2 semesters at LTL?

Fluent is a very broad term and there is no actual definition to define fluency but there’s absolutely no doubt when can get your level ahead, fast.

After 18 weeks of studying with LTL (one Semester), we can generally get students to HSK3 level. Sometimes, with a lot more hard work and effort outside of the classroom HSK4.

After two semesters we’ve had student hit HSK5 level which is a very solid level of Chinese. For more about HSK levels and definition, visit our HSK page.

What can I do outside of class?

Luckily for you, Taiwan is a great place to explore and there is much to discover.

Each week we provide a list of activities which you can sign up for with our student advisors who are experts when knowing what to do and see in Taipei.

You can join your fellow classmates, students, teachers and any other friends you meet in Taiwan and get to know this wonderful part of the world together.

What about the visa situation for Taiwan?

For more details on gaining a Visa for Taiwan, visit our Visa page.

How can I join the Taiwan Semester Program?

Get in touch with us via the live chat below on the right side, or our contact button on the top right of the page.

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