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The culture, the amazing food, the sense of everyday adventure. It’s a truly unique place and we love it. Our passion for all things Taiwan and China is infectious and it shows with our students who come to visit us, as our Chinese language school reviews page shows!

LTL School has arisen from humble beginnings, in a small coffee shop in the central business district of Beijing. Now we boast four excellent schools, with first class teachers and a wonderful teaching environment. LTL Taipei is the next chapter in an ever blossoming story for LTL. Every single student who comes to LTL is treated with care and respect. You are never just a number here and our tight knit community feel shines through.

  • Four Great Language Schools

    Four Great Language Schools

    Taipei - Our newest school and the best in Taiwan

    Beijing - Where it all began and now our marquee school

    Shanghai - Located in the old French concession in China's biggest city

    Chengde - The jewel in the LTL crown, the Immersion program

  • LTL Family Feel

    LTL Family Feel

    Support - Round the clock support from the LTL team

    Students - Build close bonds and friends for life with fellow students

    Teachers - Speak 100% Chinese and make close friends with our teachers

    Staff - Our staff are always willing to join students for food or drinks

  • Top Taiwan Teachers

    Top Taiwan Teachers

    Experience - Five years teaching experience for all teachers we employ

    Degree - All LTL teachers boast a degree in teaching foreigners Chinese

    Engaging - No two lessons are ever the same

    Interactive - So much more than just reading a textbook

  • Experts


    Over a Decade - of experience. We know how things work here

    Local area - We'll advise you on things to do in Taipei

    Enthusiastic - We love Taiwan and we are sure you will too

    Embrace it - Let us help you discover this unique culture

How did LTL begin?

LTL began way back in 2007 in a little coffee shop in Beijing with Andreas Laimböck and our first director of studies, Tina Xiang.

Andreas had been studying Chinese in China for a number of years before but found many faults with the way he was learning. This is where the idea of LTL came about.

Andreas didn’t want students to suffer the same fate he did. LTL was never a money making venture, but a venture to show people this amazing culture that Andreas is so fond of, and in turn many of our students are.

Since humble beginnings in 2007; LTL has grown rapidly and LTL Taiwan is the fourth city LTL boast a presence. Shanghai and Chengde are the other cities and these offer very different Chinese experiences which can be all be experienced with our multi city program.


July 2018

LTL Taiwan

Our first Chinese language student in Taiwan started a four week full time Mandarin course in Taipei.

Andy Liu and his teacher in Taiwan

Andy Liu and his teacher in Taiwan

Andy is from the USA and is of Taiwanese decent. He often visited Taipei for business trips and grew up speaking some Mandarin at home.

Already having the basics, his main aim was to be able to speak Mandarin confidently in business situations.

He did four hours a day of one on one classes and progressed very fast.

Andy also wrote about his experience of studying at LTL Taipei, which you can find on our individual Chinese classes in Taiwan page.

LTL Taiwan has grown rapidly since then and has this year become one of our most popular study destinations, both because of the great school and teachers we have there but also because Taipei is just a really cool, nice and friendly city to learn Mandarin in.

Who works behind the scenes?

Staff from LTL on a Day Trip

Staff from LTL on a Day Trip

We have staff based all over China in all sorts of departments to make LTL the well oiled machine it is. The jewel in our crown are the LTL teachers.

We are incredibly selective when choosing which teachers to hire at LTL.

We demand experience and demand the best quality. We offer our teachers great packages to join us and we make sure they are treated as good as anywhere in China.

Our teachers are backed up by our director of studies, of which we have four overall (one per school). Our director of studies manages the class schedules to make sure you are assigned the perfect teacher, in the perfect class. Our students advisors will be your first port of call as a student, in most instances. They will usually also be your first point of contact when you first enquire with us. Our students advisors know everything about Taiwan and China inside out and will be able to help you with day to day problem that may.

Other than that, we have a HR department, Immersion and Homestay specialists and a Marketing team. All of which work together closely every days from Chengde, to Beijing, Shanghai to Taipei.

Our team is very international, with staff from England, Italy and even Kazakhstan but overall our staff are mainly Chinese.

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