Learn Chinese in Taiwan & the Mainland

Learn Chinese in Taiwan and the Mainland and embark on a once in a lifetime experience as you simultaneously study and travel. Dive into a brand new culture and boost your Chinese language skills in unique fashion with this popular Chinese language program.

Taiwan is the fourth school in the growing LTL portfolio. You can study Mandarin whichever city takes your fancy, giving you a memorable experience and a different taste of China and Taiwan as you go. Mix with locals, study Chinese intensively, discover this truly wonderful part of the world and make friends for life at LTL.

Learn Chinese in Taiwan - LTL Mandarin School Taiwan

  • Learn Chinese in Taiwan and the Mainland
  • Schools in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengde
  • Learn Chinese, Travel, Discover
  • Flexible Chinese programs
  • Transport included in the price
  • Discover Taipei

    Discover Taipei

    Fascinating – Experience a beautiful part of the world as you are learning Chinese

    Social – Enjoy the bright Taipei lights with your fellow students

    Night Markets – A sight to behold in Taiwan, don't miss out

    Food – A wonderous mix of Chinese and Japanese food to get stuck into

  • Discover Beijing

    Discover Beijing

    Famed – Some of the finest sights in the World. The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tian’anmen Square and more

    Hutongs – Explore Beijing’s famous old hutong alleyways

    Historic – Beijing oozes culture and history. You will never stop discovering

  • Discover Shanghai

    Discover Shanghai

    Metropolis – China's biggest city in terms of size and population

    Sublime – Skyscrapers everywhere you look

    International – A huge host of nationalities to meet in Shanghai

    Kick back – Dive into the nightlife - it's like no other

  • Discover Chengde

    Discover Chengde

    Immersion – Experience “real China” where few people speak English

    No foreigners – Watch your Mandarin progress fast

    24/7 – You’ll speak non-stop Chinese in Chengde, great practice

    Adventure – Hiking, food, exploring. An adventure you’ll never forget

Learning Chinese – The Cities

LTL Mandarin School offer you a total of four cities to come and study Chinese in. But what’s the fun in just choosing one when you can study in more?! We don’t just want to teach you to speak Chinese like a local, we want you to fall in love with the language. That’s why we’ve picked four of the best cities in Taiwan and the Mainland to study Chinese and experience this incredibly unique culture.


Taipei, the heart of Taiwan and the home to LTL’s newest Mandarin language centre. A city bustling with things to do and home to the once biggest building in the world, Taipei 101.Learn Chinese in Taiwan and have a tonne of things to do besides when you want to take a break from the classroom. The city genuinely never sleeps.


A truly remarkable city and a must visit without a shadow of a doubt. History and Chinese culture just oozes from the heart of Beijing as you stroll through the traditional Hutong’s to one of Beijing’s many famous landmarks. Our school is perfectly located in the Central Business District, which is easily accessible to some of the main areas of Beijing.


Chengde is our hidden gem and is often confused with Chengdu, which is the famous City that hosts China’s Panda Sanctuary. Chengde is very different, situated north of Beijing and home to our Immersion Programs in China. No foreigners, no popular western brands, no foreign food. You will eat, sleep and breathe Mandarin when studying Chinese in Chengde.


Shanghai really is one of a kind. The biggest city in China in terms of size and population. Shanghai is a hugely popular place to visit and it’s not hard to see why. Endless sights, killer views and in the form of the Bund, Shanghai has something that brings together traditional and modern China with just a quick turn of the head.

Multi City Program Options (New Taiwan Dollars)

Metropolitan Program (Taiwan and the Mainland)

Experience Taipei and either Beijing or Shanghai with our Metropolitan program. Learn Chinese in two incredible cities. Beijing is a city with endless historic and cultural beauty. A city that defines China. Shanghai is China’s biggest and most populous city and is as diverse a city as you’ll ever visit.

You can choose between three program options. Please be aware all prices are in NEW TAIWAN DOLLARS.

Metropolitan Standard

The metropolitan standard program allows you to study four hours of Chinese from Monday to Friday, totalling 20 hours every week. You will enjoy our small group Chinese classes that include no more than six students per class and an average of less than three to ensure everyone gets talking.

Metropolitan Program Standard Price

Duration Price (NTD)
4 weeks 58,084
6 weeks 74,494
8 weeks 89,231
10 weeks 102,425
12 weeks 114,184
14 weeks 129,928
16 weeks 145,673
+ 2 weeks  15,744/2wks

Metropolitan Intensive

Our intensive Chinese course is where your Mandarin will really increase at a rate of knots. Study Mandarin for 30 hours every week. This includes four hours of Chinese group class from Monday to Friday and then two hours of 1 on 1 Chinese class afterwards. A great way to get your Chinese ahead fast.

Metropolitan Program Intensive Price

Duration Price (NTD)
4 weeks 97,544
6 weeks 130,832
8 weeks 160,733
10 weeks 187,494
12 weeks 211,350
14 weeks 243,288
16 weeks 275,227
+ 2 weeks 31,939/2wks

Metropolitan Individual

Study Chinese individually for 20 hours every week and receive personal, tailored Chinese classes just for you. We will have a discussion with you before your course starts and then create the perfect study plan for you. This is ideal if you want to learn specific modules such as characters/speaking.

Metropolitan Program Individual Price

Duration Price (NTD)
4 weeks 98,641
6 weeks 132,398
8 weeks 162,722
10 weeks 189,861
12 weeks 214,049
14 weeks 246,437
16 weeks 278,826
+ 2 weeks 32,389/2wks

All the above Chinese programs will include an airport pick-up service for you and transfers between cities. You will also receive a survival kit upon arrival.

The length of the course is your decision. You can choose from a minimum of three weeks (one week in each city) or a maximum of 52 weeks. The longer you sign up for the more you will save per week.

Multi City Combo (Taipei - Shanghai OR Beijing - Chengde)

Dive into and explore three incredible cities which each have wonderfully unique reasons to visit. Our multi city combo will give you the opportunity to discover everything Taiwan and the Mainland has to offer as you simultaneously learn Chinese. A truly once in a lifetime experience. Please be aware all prices are in NEW TAIWAN DOLLARS.

Here are three different programs we offer:

Multi City – Standard

The standard multi city package gives you the chance to learn Mandarin for 20 hours every week. The program can last for a minimum of 3 weeks with a week in each city and last up for to a whole year. In Chengde, the final city you will visit, the classes will all be individual to boost your Mandarin further.

Multi City Standard Price

Duration Price (NTD)
6 weeks 101,961
9 weeks 131,066
12 weeks 155,637
15 weeks 187,575
18 weeks 219,514
21 weeks 251,453
+3 weeks 31,939/3 wks

Multi City Intensive

Crank the Mandarin classes up further with 30 hours of Chinese lessons every week, 6 hours every day. In Taipei, Shanghai OR Beijing this will breakdown to 20 hours of Group class and 10 hours of 1 on 1 Chinese lessons per week. For the final leg in Chengde, the 30 hours would all be individual lessons.

Multi City Intensive Price

Duration Price (NTD)
6 weeks 158,300
9 weeks 209,541
12 weeks 252,803
15 weeks 309,033
18 weeks 365,263
21 weeks 421,493
+3 weeks 56,230/3 wks

Multi City Individual

If you fancy going it alone and learning things exactly the way you want to, then we’d highly recommend taking on our individual four city program. Study Chinese for 20 hours every week. Individual Chinese lessons is the most surefire way of exponential progression when studying Chinese.

Multi City Individual Price

Duration Price (NTD)
6 weeks 140,562
9 weeks 184,836
12 weeks 222,213
15 weeks 270,796
18 weeks 319,379
21 weeks 367,962
+3 weeks 48,583/3 wks

Your airport pickup and a survival kit are included in the price of the package, as with the Metropolitan program.

NOTE – The minimum length of this course is three weeks, this requires a week in each city. You must sign up for a multiple of three weeks. For example signing up for 18 weeks rather than 20 weeks or 33 weeks rather than 32 weeks.

Chinese Immersion (Taipei - Chengde)

Immersion in China is something that is difficult to achieve in the bigger cities, although it is still possible. This is why we offer a Chinese language program in the little known city of Chengde, the birthplace of Mandarin.

Chengde is known to be the city where the most standard Mandarin is spoken in the whole of China. It’s a “small city” in Chinese terms, although still boasts a population in excess of half a million residents. Chengde is a part of China with zero foreign influence, zero English and 100% Mandarin.

Achieving full Chinese immersion is absolutely possible in a place like Chengde and with our Immersion program you can enjoy a Chinese course in Taipei and then Chengde where your Mandarin will sky rocket to new levels.

Find out more about our Chinese Immersion Program.

Learn more about Chinese Immersion Program

Popular Accommodation

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    Stay with a family in Taiwan for a once in a lifetime experience and improve your Mandarin 24/7. Our host families are carefully selected so you have the best experience when coming to learn Chinese in Taiwan.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the cost of living in the cities similar?

Compared to many world capital’s Beijing is actually very affordable to live in. Ultimately it can be what you want it to be. If you want a lavish, five star lifestyle you can find it. Likewise if you want to get by cheap with little expenditure, you can also do this comfortably. Shanghai is fairly similar experience, as is Taipei. As you’d guess Chengde is the much cheaper of the four cities.

Chengde sounds like a real challenge. Am I up to the task?

Chengde is a challenge and it’s good for you see it this way. Sometimes people underestimate the experience of Chengde. It is a real immersion experience and you really won’t hear any English spoken. It’s important to know what you are getting in to. Ultimately only you know if it’s the right choice for you but we will absolutely chat with you about what you want to achieve and if Chengde is the place for you.

Should I join even if I'm a beginner?

Sure you can. We have beginners come to LTL all the time. Remember, everyone learning Chinese started out as a beginner at some point. All language levels and abilities are welcome to join LTL Mandarin School.

Any tips on how to prepare for China?

Before you fly to China we send you information packages with all the information you need to prepare yourself. We also wrote a blog on four things we wish we knew before moving to China.

In terms of accommodation, what would you recommend?

If you want to continue with learning Chinese and making language progress outside of the school then the Homestay in Taiwan is really the way to go. They are comfortable, have everything you could need and immerse you completely. The Teach English Homestay is a great alternative if you are on a budget.

Can I go travelling after my time at LTL?

Perhaps you want some time to explore the Taiwan’s beautiful coastline, or visit the Terracotta warriors in Xi’an, visit the Tsingtao brewery in Qingdao, try a really spicy hot pot in Chongqing, or go hiking near beautiful Dali in SW China’s Yunnan Province. Of course, you can go travelling after your LTL course! Make sure that you let your student advisor know in advance if you need to stay in mainland China longer after your course, so they can discuss the visa options and regulations with you in advance.

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