Study Chinese individually with your very own Chinese tutor in Taiwan.

Enjoy the flexibility of learning Chinese either in the morning, evening or at the weekend from our school, at your office, a coffee shop, or even the comfort of your own home.

Our class schedule runs from 8am in the morning through to 9pm in the evening giving you ultimate flexibility to adhere to your own schedule at all times.

LTL Mandarin School in Taiwan will teach you traditional or simplified Chinese characters according to your own preference.

Our teachers have bags of experience.

To become a teacher with LTL you must be the best in the business, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best part time Chinese lessons around.

  • Top class Mandarin language classes
  • Flexibility from 8am to 9pm
  • Enjoy Chinese lessons where you want
  • Cancel up to 30% of your lessons
  • Traditional or Simplified Chinese

The Full Package

Tailored – The course is designed around what you want
Anywhere – Mandarin lessons wherever you want
Perfect Timing – Anytime between 8am and 9pm
Cancellations – Cancel up to 30% of your classes at no cost

Progress Quicker

Individual – 1-on-1 classes means 100% of the focus is on you
Progress – Our teachers will get your Mandarin ahead fast
Easier than you think – Learning Chinese isn’t so hard
Free – Take advantage of the LTL Online Chinese Kit

Taiwan’s Finest

The Best – Experienced, professional and #1 in Taipei
10+ Years Experience – We make sure we select the very best
Certified – Our Mandarin teachers are fully qualified
Enjoyable – Build a close rapport with your Chinese tutor

First Rate Service

Student Advisors – Our advisors make sure you feel supported
International – Our team covers a host of different nationalities
Need help – Just talk to us, we are always available
Assessment – Let us gauge your Mandarin level before you start


Your part time Mandarin lesson in Taiwan will be directly tailored to your personal study plan.

Whether you wish to learn traditional or simplified Chinese characters or want to practice more speaking and listening, we will tailor your classes to you.

We pride ourselves on being a first rate Chinese language institute because we listen to exactly what you want.

Therefore, when you arrive in Taipei, you will be ready to study Chinese while we worry about the rest.

With our individual program you will find your Mandarin progresses quicker, even if you only study part time.

From the first lesson, thanks to our pre course assessment, we’ll know exactly where to start and exactly how to achieve your Chinese language goals.

With our promises, we expect to deliver you the highest quality Mandarin language classes. Due to this reason, we do not demand any payment until you have taken three hours of classes. After these three hours, if you are not satisfied with your Mandarin classes, all classes taken up to this point are free.

Your Current Chinese level

The pre course assessment is our way of discovering your Mandarin level before you start your course so we can tailor you a perfect study plan and hit the ground running.

This is not a test, but simply a way for us to figure out where you are currently at with Chinese.

Everyone is different, everyone has different goals, so we take this very seriously. You have targets to hit and we want to help you reach them as quickly as possible.

After chatting with us in the assessment, we will communicate with you, our student advisor and your new Chinese tutor to find the best plan of action.

When you have your first lesson with your teacher, you’ll be able to start progressing with Mandarin straight away.

Our Part Time Classes

Our part-time Chinese language classes can be taught between 8am and 9pm every Monday-Sunday.

There are no extra charges for classes on an evening or weekend for example.

We request that all classes outside the school are at least 90 minutes long as our Mandarin tutors have to travel to you, but classes at the school itself could be 1 hour.

Speak to us and we will aim to provide you with the best language class schedule possible.

We really do our best to create you a flexible part time Chinese schedule, hence why we offer a 13 hour window of Mandarin language classes, all priced exactly the same. Complete transparency, maximum clarity.

Cancelling my Chinese Class

If, for some reason, you cannot attend your Chinese class with us you have the option to cancel six hours before the start of the lesson.

If you have a lesson at 5pm on a Monday afternoon, you can therefore cancel anytime before 11am on that day.

Our Chinese tutors are full time professionals and they require a regular schedule to adhere to. If you do decide to cancel your class, you have the option to cancel up to 30% of your Mandarin classes at no charge.

If you cancel more than 30% of your lessons then you will have to pay for them.

Having said that you are absolutely welcome to change your schedule. Just communicate with us and we will arrange a plan for you.

Try and give us two weeks notice so we can re-arrange this at the convenience of you and your Mandarin teacher.

If you are looking for further flexibility due to a tricky working schedule for example, take a look at our Super Flexible Chinese Classes.


Every price listed below already includes a 5% prompt payment discount. However, if your payment is not received by the due date given, the 5% discount no longer applies.

PLEASE NOTE – Prices are all listed in New Taiwan Dollars (NTD)

Individual Chinese Lessons Taiwan

Class HoursPrice per hour
> 150770
101 – 150792
51 – 100816
25 – 50912
All prices are listed in NTD/TWD unless specified otherwise

2-on-1 Mandarin Lessons Taiwan

Class HoursPrice per hour
> 150462
101 – 150475
51 – 100490
25 – 50547
All prices are listed in NTD/TWD unless specified otherwise

At LTL we are strong believers in having a clear and transparent pricing structure.

  1. All lessons at the school last 55 minutes.
  2. All lessons outside the school must be a minimum of 90 minutes.
  3. Whether you study at 1pm on a Tuesday afternoon or 9am on a Saturday morning, the price remains the same.
  4. We are all about learning Chinese rather than dealing with admin and payments. This is the reason why all our prices include a 5% prompt payment discount. Full payment is required on the day after your third hour of class.
  5. If you have your own textbooks, no need to buy another one.
  6. No hidden costs and charges.


It is possible to have classes outside of our school, but Taipei is a large city, so please be aware of our transport limits as our teachers need to travel to you.

You can refer to the map below to check if you are within our transportation range:

LTL Taiwan - Local Teachers Transportation Limits
LTL Taiwan Teachers Transportation Limits


What study material do you use?

This will vary depending on each student and exactly what your goals are.

There are such a broad range of elements regarding Chinese from learning tones, choosing to learn traditional or simplified characters, learning business Chinese, and many more.

Rest assured, whatever your Chinese level and goals, we will provide you with exactly the right materials. We have over 300 books and we will find exactly the right ones for you.

Can I arrange lessons for the weekend?

Yes you can learn Chinese in Taiwan over the weekend.

Our schedule runs seven days per week between 8am and 9pm.

Can I study at any location?

You can, whether this is at your home, office or a favourite quaint spot you like to relax at.

You are also welcome to study in the comfort of our school. Whatever works best for you.

How can I pay for my classes?

By international bank transfer, WeChat pay, AliPay or any other popular payment method in China.

If you have any concerns about this, please speak to us.

How long are the lessons valid for after purchasing?

If you purchase more than 100 hours your classes will never expire.

However, all purchases up to 100 hours of Mandarin language classes will be valid for two years from the date the invoice was issued.

Can I have a class for 45 minutes?

Chinese classes must be at least one hour long.

Mandarin lessons in Taiwan outside of the school will have a minimum duration of 90 minutes.

All classes at LTL school in Taiwan can last for a minimum of one hour. Have a look at our super flexible Chinese program for even more flexibility when booking your Chinese classes.

What Our Students Said

Valentina Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I liked the LTL website compared to others, it was clearer and regularly updated. Various features, newsletter. The set up was perfect. I'm working remotely and I have a big room so classes there were no hassle.

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Drew Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My teachers also went to lunch with me, which was my most productive time. I had a good connection with both of them, so it worked. Those are the times I enjoyed the most. They corrected me and helped me.

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Niamh Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The teachers would hang out and eat lunch with us, happy to add us online and chat. The community of LTL is really good. I didn't feel lonely or homesick at all. Alex & Annie were very responsive, why I picked LTL!

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