Our apartments in Taiwan are a great budget option and located close to LTL Taiwan School.

Generally our apartments are only 30 minutes travel time from the school in a modern and tidy housing complex near to the subway.

These apartments are a great budget option that offers maximum freedom.

Inside your complex you will find there is a gym, pool, local supermarkets and several different restaurants.

Please note that while the apartments are safe, very convenient and come at a very attractive price, the furnishing and general apartment quality are local Chinese student standard which is not a 5 star hotel.

If you want a higher quality apartment and are ok to spend a bit more money, please have a look at our Homestays.

  • Come and go as you please
  • Always near a subway
  • Chinese flatmates
  • Access to amenities
  • WiFi Included
  • Safe and convenient
  • 30 minutes to LTL
  • Affordable and flexible

Your Home Away From Home

Convenient – Everything you need, in a near vicinity
Transport – Never far form the Taiwan MRT.
Independence – Come and go, day or night, as you please
Police registration – Will be organised by your landlady for you


Flexible – Book your room to match whatever course you take
You Choose – En-suite, private? You make the choices
Arrival – Arrive at anytime of the day, 24/7
Support – Support on the complex and from the LTL team


Our shared apartments in Taiwan are located ideally for easy access to and from LTL Taiwan.

Apartments are shared with local Taiwanese. In Asia it is generally cheaper to eat out than cook at home. Due to this students usually do not cook.

You will have full access a microwave and fridge for you to use. There is also WiFi and all other bills are included. There are never any extra or hidden costs with LTL.

PLEASE BE AWARE – that while the apartments are safe, very convenient and come at a very attractive price, the furnishing and apartment quality are of local student standard which is not a 5 star hotel.

We recommend taking a look at our homestays in Taiwan if you want something slightly more upscale.

Overall we offer three types of apartment. Here are the basic features they include:

Type of ApartmentStandard En-SuiteStudio Apartment
Communal AreaN/A
Private Bathroom
Shared Bathroom
Private Apartment


The larger apartments are roughly 25 square meters big.

The rooms are very spacious and you will also enjoy your own private bathroom.

There is also a sizeable double bed included which can fit two people. If another person stays with you there is no extra charge here. Again, you are welcome to stay longer than your course if you wish. Speak to us.


With our studio apartments in Beijing you can be assured of complete privacy whenever you are home.

Bills for the Studio apartment such as heating, electric and water are all included in the prices listed below.

Our studio apartments are designed for one to two people.

You can chat to us about your options and what you wish to book.

NOTE – If you wish for maximum privacy speak to us about a private apartment which we can arrange.


DurationShared Apartment (Shared Bathroom)Shared Apartment (Ensuite Bathroom)Studio Apartment
1 week11,81214,29919,583
2 weeks23,16128,03738,398
3 weeks34,06041,23156,468
4 weeks44,52353,89673,815
5 weeks54,56366,04990,459
6 weeks64,19177,705106,422
7 weeks73,42188,879121,725
8 weeks82,26599,584136,386
9 weeks90,733109,835150,426
10 weeks98,838119,646163,863
11 weeks106,590129,030176,715
12 weeks114,000138,000189,000
13+ weeks9,50011,50015,750
Extra Night1,969 / night2,383 / night3,264 / night
Prices are in NTD (New Taiwan Dollars)


  • Your own Bed
  • Linen and bedding
  • Desk to study
  • TV
  • Bills
    • Air Conditioning not included
  • Police registration
  • Support on site and from LTL


The duration of your stay is entirely up to you. The prices listed in the table are in New Taiwan Dollars (NTD/TWD).

NOTE There is a New Year surcharge: 4500 NTD extra for living in apartment during New Year’s week (for example from 27th of December until the 2nd of January)


Who will let me in?

The landlady will help you and meet you upon arrival.

Does the landlady speak English?

She will not, straight away you are thrown into an immersive situation! The LTL way!

She is very used to dealing with students who cannot speak any Chinese though. Have Pleco installed on your phone (a dictionary app), this will help with communication.

What about arrival time?

Try and get to us between 11am – 6pm on the weekend before starting your course, typically this is the Sunday before starting your course.

You can also check in at night of course, however all banks, shops etc. will be closed. Arriving on Saturday means you have an extra day of rest. You book based on what you prefer.

Is it easy to make friends?

It’s always possible to meet friends but it will very much depend on the personalities of the people who are inside your apartment.

You may well get to know people in the complex as well as the apartment. If you put in the effort there is more chance of making friends but it really depends on if the locals are willing to interact.

Either way, they are always very friendly and happy to help.

How can I get to the school?

Taking the MRT (Underground) is the most common way to school.

If you are lucky, you may even be able to walk. There are also local buses and bikes. If you are unsure, speak to us before coming to Taiwan.

Who cleans the room?

It’s down to you to keep your room tidy.

The landlady will take care of the communal areas. Just remember, hygiene standards are different in Asia than in Europe and the America’s.

How can I wash my clothes?

You will have access to a washing machine which you can use free of charge.

I don’t like the room, can I change?

It is possible to change rooms however it will be subject to availability.

For a higher standard of living we suggest to have a look at our homestays. 80% or four students choose to live in a homestay, and there is a reason for that. Not only you’ll be able to speak Mandarin 24/7, eat home made food, but the apartment will be spacier and of higher standards.

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