Why Learn Chinese with LTL?

We could give so many reasons why coming to LTL Mandarin School is the right choice for you. Although we can make statement after statement, sometimes there is nothing better for a potential customer than seeing what actual customers have to say about the company. So before we try tell you ourselves, let’s give our alumni the chance to do so first.

We have a wealth of great reviews all over the internet but below are four websites where we boast over 100 positive reviews between them. Please drop by to each and see what the LTL alumni have to say about studying Chinese with LTL.

  • Dream Team

    Dream Team

    Teachers - The best teachers in Taipei, fact

    Staff - Working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure you are comfortable

    Student Advisors - They know how Taiwan works, they are there for you

    Over a Decade - Experience is our middle name, we've been around the block and know how to deal with your problems

  • Great School

    Great School

    Homely - We made sure when we set up LTL Taiwan, everyone would feel like they were at a second home

    Location - Ideally located in Taipei for your convenience

    Community - We have a real community feel throughout the school where everyone gets on with everyone

  • Teachers who Know

    Teachers who Know

    Pro's - Full time, qualified and the best teachers in Taipei - we interview many, but only employ the finest

    Experience - All teachers have at least 5 years experience

    Diverse - No two lessons are ever the same, our teachers prepare well in advance for your benefit

  • The LTL Community

    The LTL Community

    Friends for Life - Whether you study individually or in a group, you will get to know the students and staff very quickly

    All four corners of the World - We've hosted students from well over 100 different nationalities

    Explore - Discover Taipei and this amazing part of the world

Over a Decade of Experience

Over 3,500 students have enjoyed studying Chinese at LTL Mandarin School. We have celebrated our decade in business and things are continuing to grow at a wonderful rate. Students come from far and wide, for anything between two weeks and a whole year. We’ve enjoyed some incredible stories and wonderful experiences with the best students in the business!

Check out LTL Alumni stories

The LTL Teachers

Our teachers really are the jewel in the LTL crown. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are now. We’ve been blessed with some incredible characters over the years and generally, when teachers join LTL, they stay for a fair stint of time. We pay them well and in turn they teach our students expertly, win win for everyone.

Meet LTL Teachers

Our Homestay Program

Homestays are a big part of life at LTL Mandarin School. Over 80% of students throughout our schools opt to stay in a homestay and it’s easy to see why. Great food, Mandarin immersion and the experience of a lifetime to be had. We actually featured in a TV documentary about what it’s like to live at a homestay. Check it out:

LTL Homestay Video

Get your Mandarin ahead fast

By studying Mandarin with LTL we know that we can get your Chinese level ahead fast. It takes hard work, on both your side as much as ours, but achieving HSK6 in one year has happened before with LTL and it’ll happen again. Much depends on your motivation to learn outside of the classroom, after all, no one magically achieves HSK results. However, we give you all the resources to make it happen as quickly as possible.

How to Learn Chinese

Immersion in China

It’s all good and well studying hard in your classroom but what about when you leave it? You go out with friends and speak your native language all evening. So how do you make speedy progress with your Chinese if this happens? In short, you don’t really. You need to make the effort to converse in Mandarin outside of the classroom and that’s exactly where the idea of the Immersion program came from. Mandarin 24/7 in a city with no foreigners.

About Chinese Immersion Program


It’s incredible when we look back at some of the nationalities we’ve hosted. Madagascan, Estonian, Venezuelan… you name it, we’ve probably had a student from there! What’s great about this is the range of stories there are to tell. You won’t just lap up Chinese culture, but discover a lot about your fellow peers also.

Join our Facebook Group – Students Past, Present and Future

Small Class Sizes

Another thing we believe truly in is class size. Imagine studying in a big hall with 50 other students. You never get to speak and when you do it’s generally in a group scenario. Getting your mouth moving early on is a massive factor when learning Mandarin due to the nature of the tones. That’s why our class sizes never exceed six students and average less than three. No one is just a number at LTL, everyone matters.

Full Time Group Class

Our Chinese School in Taiwan

Having a comfortable environment is really important to us. We want you to enjoy coming to LTL Taiwan, not fear it. We want you to enjoy studying with us, not dread it. Therefore, we are firm believers in making the centre as homely and friendly as possible and that generally radiates throughout our staff and students. We want LTL Taiwan to become your second home, and it becomes just that for so many students.

Full Time 1-on-1 Class

Relax and Discover

As much as we love to study Chinese, even the most ardent student has to take a break from learning at some stage. Thankfully for you we have a great social events calendar which is filled with great things to do every week in Taiwan. You can also get exploring the island yourself with your classmates or other friends you have made in Taiwan. Take a break and enjoy this wonderful part of the world.

Social Life in Taiwan

Support 24/7

We’ve been teaching students Chinese for well over ten years now and we’ve been faced with all kinds of questions from downloading VPN’s, opening new Bank Accounts, Dietary problems and so many more. We have a great team to support you so please feel free to approach our staff at any time and we will be absolutely happy to help. We also have the student WeChat groups where you can also ask support from our group of students.

Taiwan Services
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