Study Business Chinese in Taiwan and break down language barriers between yourself and Chinese co-workers.

Our expert team will tailor the perfect Business Mandarin class for you based on your industry and your goals for learning Chinese.

The Business Mandarin Taiwan program is very flexible. You have the option to choose a timetable for your lessons based around your busy schedule.

Before you study Business Mandarin with us we will assess your current Chinese ability. This allows us to create you the perfect study plan.

Know that you can also study Business Chinese Online, as we provide Individual Classes in an online setting as well. Have a look at our dedicated page for more details.

Taipai Taiwan Individual Classes
  • Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels – all catered for
  • Pick you own study location
  • All classes are individual for quicker progression
  • Fully qualified teachers

Individual Study

Progress – 1-on-1 classes are proven for speedy progress
Chinese Culture – Get used to how business works in China
Popular Business Course – One of our most popular programs

A Schedule to Suit You

When you want – You choose study times to suit you
Where you want – Choose the most comfortable location
Tailored – All lessons are specifically prepared for you

Break the Barrier

Study – Mandarin lessons focused on your Industry
Learn the Vocab – Get the key words in Business nailed early on
A Great Skill – Improve your CV with a skill that others will envy

Taipei’s #1 Teachers

Dream Team – Our team is the envy of schools across Taiwan
Professionals – Boasting experience and professionalism
1-on-1 – The focus is solely on you. Live Chinese 24/7


Wanting to bridge the language barrier between yourself and your Chinese colleagues? We’ve got you covered with our Business Mandarin Taiwan courses.

Fun, flexible and incredibly useful with our fully qualified Chinese tutors.

The aim of the course is to be as flexible as possible and work around your busy schedule while teaching you the fundamental Mandarin you need in day to day business.

Everyone has different wants and needs when studying Business Mandarin in Taiwan. We make sure every program is taught individually and a set plan is in place to get you ahead fast.

We will liaise with you and discuss the industry you are working in along with your interests. We will use this information to create the ideal study plan so you can improve your Chinese language skills as quickly as possible with minimal fuss.

Business Chinese programs are all taught one to one. The focus is on you and your field of employment.

Whether you decide to have your class in the morning, evening or even on the weekend, we are happy to travel to you at zero extra cost. If work commitments mean your schedule is ever changing that isn’t a problem.

There are options to cancel classes if need be. We also have other programs which will suit your needs.


Individual Chinese Lessons Taiwan

Number of hoursPrice per hour
 0 – 1001,340
> 1001,200
All prices are listed in NTD/TWD unless specified otherwise

2-on-1 Mandarin Lessons Taiwan

Class HoursPrice per hour
0 – 100670
> 100570
All prices are listed in NTD/TWD unless specified otherwise

All prices are listed in the table, in New Taiwan Dollars (NTD). All business classes start from 8am through to 9pm. You will not be charged extra for a class on the weekend, the morning or in the evening.

NOTE – The prices listed are prices per hour.

CANCELLATION – All students have the option to cancel up to 30% of their classes, six hours before the business Chinese class is due to start. Please be aware to cancel it must be during working hours so our office staff can help you, this is from 9am through to 6pm. If you have any queries regarding this please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Are your Chinese Business Classes 1-on-1?

Yes, all business Chinese classes are individual and with good reason.

Every individual wanting to study business Mandarin has a very specific goal and these very rarely cross over.

When you also factor in each persons differing levels of Chinese and schedules you see how it is almost impossible to match people into classes.

A specific study plan is assigned to you and it is important you work towards your individual goals.

What if I don’t know any Chinese?

It doesn’t matter.

Everyone is welcome to join our business Chinese classes whether you are already advanced, intermediate or a complete beginner to learning Chinese.

How do you create a personal study plan for me?

Firstly it is important for us to gauge your current Chinese level so we “assess” you.

This simply involves a quick conversation in Chinese so we get an idea of exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

If you have zero knowledge just tell us beforehand.

After this we will have a discussion about your current employment industry plus your needs and wants. Using all this information we can create a perfect study plan for you and assign you the best possible teacher.

Do you issue Fapiao?

We do indeed issue Fapiaos.

Be aware that Chinese Tax regulations are a little complex. Please do tell us who the fapiao is for before you begin your Mandarin lessons with LTL.

Chinese fapiaos can be issued to companies with a Chinese name only, so be sure to inform us. If need be, a standard invoice and receipt can be issued at a future date.

Can I study Business Chinese Online?

Yes, it is possible.

Just like offline classes, they will be 1-on-1 classes to better cater to your needs and requests.

Have a look at our Individual Online Classes to start arranging your program.

How to further improve my Chinese?

Luckily we provide a whole host of courses whether you wish to study Chinese part time or full time. Here are some of our most recommended and popular courses.

Super Flexible Chinese Classes

Part Time Chinese Group Classes

Full Time Chinese Courses

 Online Chinese Classes

Chinese Courses in Taiwan

Part Time Chinese Courses

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