Study Mandarin in Taipei, live with a Chinese family in Taiwan and teach English in the same Chinese program which provides you with a 50% discount on accommodation. Teach a member of your host family English for six hours every week in between your Chinese classes and experience living with a family in Taipei.

This option is ideal if you are on a budget but still want to experience living with a family in Taiwan. You will teach one member of the family English and you will create a schedule between you. In the meantime you will be improving your Mandarin skills by studying at LTL Taiwan.

Chinese Homestay Family with LTL Mandarin School

  • Live with a host family in Taiwan
  • Learn Chinese, Teach English
  • Experience home cooked Chinese food everyday
  • Breakfast and Dinner included
  • All bills & WiFi included
  • Once in a lifetime experience
  • Teach English

    Teach English

    Teach English - No need for any qualifications

    Every Week - You will teach six hours of English to a family member

    Flexible - Arrange a schedule that works for you and your family

    English - Native, proficient or confident English speakers only

  • Taipei Family

    Taipei Family

    Chinese Culture - Get to know the culture of China and living with a family

    Your Second Home - Be welcomed with open arms to your new adventure

    Unique - Experience something new and exciting

    Food - The food at our homestay families is absolutely delicious!

  • Study Chinese

    Study Chinese

    Practice Everyday Study hard in class and use your new vocabulary and sentence structures at home in the evening

    Only You - Every homestay family has just one student - all focus is on you

    HSK Exam - Why not take the HSK Exam, we can help you achieve your goals when learning Chinese

  • Accommodation


    Your Own Base - A private bedroom with air-con, WiFi and all the things you need

    No Hidden Costs - WiFi, Water, Heating and Electric all included

    Distance - Our Teach English homestays are generally located further away from the LTL School in Taipei

Teach English in Taipei

Teach an member of your Chinese host family English for six hours each week with our Teach English in Taipei program. You’ll teach the family member every week and set the schedule between you. This could involve six one hour sessions per week, or two three hour sessions as an example.

You will need to be sure to adjust your weekday evening and weekend plans to fit in these teaching hours. All classes will be taught at the home of your host family. Nothing needs to be prepared in advance either, the material of the class will be decided by your family. Some may wish to focus on certain topics, others may wish to look at reading and writing. The member of the family to be taught English will also be decided by the family. Generally this person will be a child or a teenager but on the odd occasion it maybe an adult such as the father or mother of the family.

How is this different to a standard Homestay?

Teach English - Learn Chinese

Teach English – Learn Chinese

There are three differences between the Homestay and Teach English homestay programs:

1 – Motivation to learn English. In a standard homestay the families do not speak English, and have no wish to do so. However, our Teach English families have at least one member of the family who actively wants to speak English, this is where you come in.

2 – Half Price. Due to the fact you are taking six hours out of your week to teach a family member English, we reward you with a huge 50% off the standard homestay price. All facilities are the same as a normal homestay, the only difference inside the household, is the fact you will teach English. This is therefore an ideal option if you really want to come and learn Chinese in Taiwan, but are on a tight budget.

3 – Distance from the School. Our Teach English host families are located further away from the school so you must factor this into your daily plan. Door to door, the journey time will vary but could be up to an hour.

Teach English in Taipei – Prices (New Taiwan Dollar)

Duration Price
1 week 6,383
2 weeks 12,393
3 weeks 18,048
4 weeks 23,364
5 weeks 28,354
6 weeks 33,034
7 weeks 37,417
8 weeks 41,517
9 weeks 45,346
10  weeks 48,917
11 weeks 52,241
12 weeks 55,331
13-52 wks 4,611 / wk
extra night 1,064 / night

As with every single LTL Chinese program in Taiwan, you can book your accommodation for as long as you wish. This also includes before your Chinese course, or after. We’ve listed some popular sample durations but you can book for any duration you wish so just contact us if you have any questions.

The Teach English in Taiwan program with LTL includes the following benefits:

  • Bedroom with all facilities
  • Bills included
  • Half board includes breakfast and dinner
  • Learn Chinese, Teach English

In terms of studying Chinese in Taipei you can choose our popular Mandarin group courses, or study Chinese 1-on-1 for even quicker progress.

To assess your options please contact us. We have a number of budget options also including our Semester program in Taiwan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to teach all six hours in the first week considering I might be jetlagged?

Your family are perfectly understanding of the situation here. There is a good chance you’ve just landed from a long haul flight, entered a new culture and had a load of Chinese thrown in your direction. The first week is generally the most tiring but you and your family can come to a solution regarding your first week. Either way, if you do miss some hours, do make them up for your family.

How do I get to LTL Taiwan on the first day?

Your host family will take you to LTL Taiwan on the first day, if you need they will also come and get you after school. They will provide you with details on how to get to, and from school.

What is the food like?

The food in Taiwan is one of the huge draws for living in a homestay. Home cooked and freshly made everyday, this is something we are certain you will love. The food is diverse and delicious in China, take our word for it!

How accurate should my English be to be accepted?

We will chat to you before agreeing to book the program to check your English level. You need a strong level if you aren’t a native speaker.

Will we just communicate in Chinese at the homestay?

No, despite the nature of the program, actually you’ll be talking Chinese pretty much the whole time outside of your six hours of class. The whole point in the homestay is to boost your Chinese and get you talking.

How will I wish my clothes?

The homestay will have a washing machine in the household for you to use. Either your family will do it for you, or they will direct you how to use the machine.

Do I need to bring teaching materials?

No you don’t. The content and direction of the class will be discussed with the homestay family. Maybe you’ll spend all the time talking and discussing various topics, maybe you’ll help the student practice writing. Either way, there is no need to bring any text books with you to Taiwan.

Other Options

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