The LTL apartments in Beijing are located only 30 minutes travel time from the school in a modern housing complex right next to the subway, shared with local Chinese students and a great budget option that offers maximum freedom.

Inside the complex there is a gym, swimming pool, super market and several different restaurants. The Chinese Media and Communication University is just across the road and the route to LTL School will always be convenient.

  • Complete freedom
  • Next to the subway
  • Share with Chinese flat mates
  • Safe and convenient
  • 4 subway stops to the school
  • Very affordable and flexible
  • Easy


    Convenient: gym, pool, supermarket, bank and restaurants inside the complex
    Subway: only 300m to the “Media and Communication University” metro stop
    Independent: come and go as you please at any time of the night and day
    Police registration: will be organized by your landlady for you

  • Fast & Flexible

    Fast & Flexible

    Flexible: book your room for as long or short as you want to
    Two choices: small room with shared or large room with private bathroom
    Arrive at any time: best to arrive during the day, but we can let you in 24/7
    Landlady: your landlady lives in the same complex and can help you if needed

  • Great Location

    Great Location

    Close: it is only 30 minutes (four subway stops) to the school in the CBD
    Meet people: the China Media and Communication University is next door
    Restaurants: there is a restaurant street is behind the complex
    Food: access to all three university canteens; average cost of a meal: 1 USD

  • The Apartments

    The Apartments

    Affordable: fantastic value for money and a great budget option
    Chinese: you will live with other Chinese university students
    WIFI included: heating and all bills included, only air-con is charged extra
    Furniture: all rooms have a desk and TV; linen and bedding is provided

LTL Shared apartments

Our shared apartments in Beijing are located right behind the last stretch of China’s “Grand Canal”, the old water way that once connected Hangzhou with Beijing and was the center of commerce and trade of the Chinese empire. All apartments are in the same complex of eight modern towers, each 35 floors tall, with a gym, swimming pool, shops and restaurants located inside the development. It is less than 300 meters from the complex to the China Media and Communication subway stop. Apartments are shared with local Chinese, mainly students from the China Media and Communication University across the street. As it is cheaper to eat at the university cafeteria than to prepare food yourself, students in China usually do not cook. Therefore the kitchens in student apartments are not set up to cook to ensure hygiene standards, which can be an issue with Chinese university students. There is however a microwave and fridge for you to use and you will have full access to the university canteens and restaurants in the area. Please note that while the apartments are safe, very convenient and come at a very attractive price, the furnishing and general apartment quality are local Chinese student standard which is not a 5 star hotel. If you want a higher quality apartment and are ok to spend a bit more money, have a look at our serviced apartments, homestays or consider one of the many luxury hotels right next to our school in the Central Business District.

The small room

Measuring about 15 sm the small room is actually not that small. It comes with a bed, desk and TV, as well as shared bathroom. It is also incredibly good value and can be flexibly booked for as long as you want to. It is possible to book the room for longer than your course at LTL. Please note though that the bathroom will be shared with several local Chinese university students and while everyone is different, some might not have the same hygiene standards as yourself and you will be required to adapt a bit to local Chinese student living standards.

The large room

At about 25 sm with a large bay window the large room is very spacious and comes with your own private bathroom. From some of the rooms higher up you will have an amazing view over the city, especially at night. The large room comes with a big double bed that easily fits two and there is no surcharge another staying in the same with you. This is a great option if you value privacy and independence.


You can book a room in a shared apartment in Beijing for as long or short as you want to. Below are some sample durations, you can find the full LTL pricing pdf here.

Duration Shared Apt Small Room Shared Apt Large Room
1 week 1,830 2,994
2 weeks 2,643 4,324
3 weeks 2,970 4,851
4 weeks 3,696 5,544
5 weeks 4,620 6,930
6 weeks 5,544 8,316
7 weeks 6,468 9,702
8 weeks 7,392 11,088
9 weeks 8,316 12,474
10 weeks 9,240 13,860
11 weeks 10,164 15,246
12 weeks 11,088 16,632
13-52 wks 924 / wk 1,386 / wk
extra night 250 350


  • Bed, desk and TV
  • Linen and bedding
  • All bills except air conditioning
  • Police registration

Air conditioning: Just like at our school, all rooms have air conditioning. However, as air conditioning uses a lot of energy, you will have to pay a surcharge to use it. The exact amounts depend on current electricity prices, but are currently about 400 CNY for the small room and 500 CNY for the large room per month. You can make payment in cash to the landlady. Air conditioning in Beijing is usually only necessary during parts of July and August. When using air conditioning in general however, please do consider the environment. Air conditioning uses enormous amounts of energy and despite great improvements in renewable energies during the last few years in China, they still mainly burn coal to produce that energy here – and we all know what that does to our planet. For any doubters of climate change, please read up a bit more or check some of the melting glaciers in the Himalaya.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will let me in?

The landlady will. If you are new to Beijing, we recommend getting a survival kit, which already includes an airport pick up. If you are already familiar with Beijing, there is no need for a survival kit, however booking an airport pick up is very helpful because not all taxi drivers know the complex and it can be challenging to navigate your way there, especially after a long flight. Google maps, like all google products, don’t work in China.

Does the landlady speak English?

Of course she does not – outside the expat ghettos nobody in China speaks English. She is however very used to dealing with our students, many of whom speak no or very little Mandarin when they arrive, so please don’t worry about moving in. Having a dictionary app like Pleco installed on your phone can be helpful. She will also introduce you to other LTL students living in the same complex who might help with translation if you don’t speak that much Chinese yet.

When should I arrive?

For a smooth and relaxed arrival, please book a flight that arrives in Beijing between 11am and 6pm on the Sunday before your start your Mandarin course. With customs, baggage checks and potential traffic jams it will take about two to three hours to get to the apartments after landing. You can also check in at night of course, however all banks, shops etc. will be closed and arriving very late in a country like China can be a bit stressful. It is possible to arrive on the Saturday too, but that means it will be two days until you can come to school. While we are available for emergency support 24/7 via phone, for help with day to day living and settling into China you will have to wait until Monday which is not ideal.

Are there any more pictures?

Of course there are. Please have a look at our shared apartments gallery

Are the apartments located in a Chinese of foreign area?

LTL is all about immersion and we on purpose chose a very Chinese part of town for our shared apartments. There are very few foreigners living in the complex and you will have a lot of opportunities to practice your Mandarin in the area.

Will I make friends?

Differently to many other countries, Chinese people often treat shared apartments mainly as a shared rent agreement and less as an opportunity to make friends. So while it is of course possible to meet other people living in the apartments, relatively few people end up building strong relationships with their flat mates. If you are looking to meet Chinese friends and immerse yourself into Chinese culture, living in a homestay or getting a connection kit might be a good idea.

How can I get to the school?

On your first day you might either be traveling either alone or with other LTL students to the school. If you don’t know the way, please allow extra time when going to school on the first day, as it will take you a while to learn how to navigate the subway and find your way. Like all google products, google maps do not work in China without a VPN. The landlady however will try to introduce you to other LTL students in the complex who can help. You will of course receive a map with instructions on how to get to the school from us before you arrive in China.

Who cleans?

You will be responsible to clean your own room. While the landlady cleans the communal toilets and areas as well as your room before you arrive, it is important to note that hygiene standards in Chinese student accommodation might not be the same as your own. If you booked a small room that especially applies to the bathroom. The shared apartments are a great budget option, safe, convenient, close to the school and with a lot of flexibility, however apartment quality and cleanliness is according to local Chinese student standards. If you are very concerned about cleanliness for example in your bathroom, choosing the large room with your own en-suite facilities might be a good idea. If you are cleanliness enthusiast and easily bothered by small amounts of dirt, it might be worth considering to stay in a homestay or serviced apartment instead.

How can I do my laundry?

You will have access to a laundry machine which you can use free of charge.

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