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Making the leap to come to Taiwan and study Chinese is something that certainly isn’t done on a whim. Culture shock is completely real and from our experience is an evident part of visiting a new and different country. Luckily, as experts in all things learning Chinese and living in Taiwan, we are here to help you.

We offer a number of services to help ease your transition into life in Taiwan coming from abroad. In most instances, you’ll arrive at the weekend and jump straight into classes on Monday morning. This will mean you’ll be taking a lot in, not just the language, but the culture alongside everything else. Therefore things like getting a Mobile Phone SIM card, a transfer from the airport to your accommodation are things you probably don’t want to have to face head on straight away. Even more so considering the obvious language barrier.

Thankfully for you, this is where our Taiwan services come in handy. We have a number of packages which aim to aid your transition into a new lifestyle. After all, you want to spend the majority of your time learning Chinese in Taiwan and not queueing up at Banks and Phone shops!

One thing of importance to note – These survival kits are designed to be purchased before you get to LTL Taiwan. You cannot purchase them once you are here.


Taipei Survival Kit – Standard Package

Our first survival kit is a standard package which includes a number of benefits to make your transition much easier:

  • Airport Pick Up – Rather than have to fight and haggle for a taxi, our driver will come and pick you up from your airport terminal.
  • SIM Card with Data and Minutes – We’ll get you signed up to a new SIM card for your phone with 2GB of data. Any further plans can be discussed with us.
  • Taipei Metro/Subway Card – The Taipei Metro (MTR) is fast and convenient. The EasyCard will come pre-charged with around 15 trips.
  • uBike – Taiwan is full of shared bikes for you to take advantage of. We will help you set your EasyCard to work with the uBike system in Taipei.
  • LTL School Locker –Access to your own locker to store your valuables.
  • Map of Taipei – Get your bearings fast.
Price – 8,167 TWD

Taipei Survival Kit – Comfort Upgrade

  • One Month Gym Pass – Gain access to our local gym for a month and stay active whilst in Taipei.
  • International Hospital VIP Card – Priority treatment at an English speaking hospital in Taipei.
  • Free Massage – Kick back and enjoy a free massage courtesy of the Comfort upgrade.
  • All benefits of the Standard Package also included

Please Note – All standard Survival Kits are included in our Immersion and Multi City Chinese programs. Chat to us if you want an upgrade to the comfort kit. There’ll be a small deposit to pay for the lockers which will be returned to you upon departure.

Price – 13,117 TWD

Taipei Airport Pick Up Only

  • Swift service from Taipei airport through to your accommodation thanks to our reliable driver.
  • No need to navigate a new city and negotiate in Chinese when you land. Relax and let us do the work for you.
Price – 1,500 TWD 

Taipei Connection Kit

LTL Beijing on a Day Trip

LTL Beijing on a Day Trip

Our connection kit is designed to put you in touch with the right people from the very start of your experience in Taiwan. Meeting local friends can take time and become a challenge. If you are short of time, or perhaps a little shy, then this is absolutely ideal for getting you in the right friendship group and talking about exactly what you want.

Although it’s great to make friends from your own country abroad it can also be a surefire way to slow down your Chinese progress. Making friends with locals is a huge factor when learning Chinese. The connection kit aims to put you in contact with people you will want to mix with.

  • Taiwan Student Ambassador – This person chosen based on your hobbies and interests. We match you with someone similar and you’ll be talking about the things you want to, in Chinese. You’ll also explore the city together and get introduced to potential other friends.
  • Taiwan Chinese Language Exchange Friend –A great way to swap cultural stories. This is a topic that never ends. Chat Chinese, chat English, chat whichever language you want, make exciting discoveries about their culture and teach them about your own culture too.
Price – 4,050 TWD

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