Flexible Chinese Class Taiwan

If you are after maximum flexibility with your Chinese classes we have the perfect Chinese program for you. Taiwan’s most flexible learn Mandarin language program allows you to cancel class with only two hours notice at no charge. This is ideal if your working schedule is forever changing.

Your flexible Chinese classes can last just 1 hour and you have the option to have classes anywhere you like. This can range from the comfort of our LTL Taiwan school, a tea shop, your office or even your own living room. The aim of our language program is to work around you and your busy day to day life.

We strongly believe that no one should be hampered when learning Chinese no matter how busy your working and social life is. We also offer business Chinese classes in Taipei.

Learn Mandarin in Taiwan - Flexible Chinese Classes Taiwan

  • The most flexible Chinese language program around
  • Arrange a class within six hours
  • Cancel a class up to two hours before
  • Study anywhere in Taipei
  • Flexible class lengths
  • Build around your schedule
  • Experienced and expert Mandarin teachers
  • Taipei's Finest

    Taipei's Finest

    Only the best: We only employ the top teachers in Taiwan

    Qualified and Certified: Our teachers are the real deal

    Quality: A better teacher gets your Chinese level ahead faster

    Timing: Your life is busy so make the most of your time with LTL

  • Support and Service

    Support and Service

    We speak English: As well as a number of other languages

    Know How: We have years of experience

    Personalized: We can create the ideal study plan for you

    Study Chinese Online: Access our FREE Chinese Online Learning Kit

  • Work Around You

    Work Around You

    Arrange and Learn: You can call us and within six hours you'll have a class

    Cancel with no charge: Cancel a lesson two hours before class

    Varied Class Length: One hour, six hours, you decide

    No set schedule: Learn when you want

  • Over a Decade of Experience

    Over a Decade of Experience

    Big Clients: We've taught Apple, VW, Microsoft, the US embassy and more

    10 Years and Proud: Established in 2007 with a host of happy students

    Family: No one is just a number - everyone at LTL is family

    Well Reviewed: Facebook, Tripadvisor and many more

Super Flexible Chinese Classes Taiwan

Nicklas with his Mandarin Teacher Monica

Nicklas with his Mandarin Teacher Monica

Learning Mandarin with a busy schedule is always a challenge, especially when you are dealt a schedule that changes 52 weeks of the year!

That’s where our idea of the Super Flexible Chinese package came from. Although we aim for all our programs to be flexible, this one has maximum room for manoeuvre. You have the ability to arrange a class 6 hours before it begins, and cancel 2 hours before the class starts at no extra charge. For example:

  • It’s Monday at 11am and your 5pm evening meeting has been cancelled. You want to arrange a Chinese class to fill your spare time. Call us and you can arrange a class anytime from 5pm onwards the same day.
  • It’s Thursday at 3pm and you’ve been told you have to meet your manager for an emergency meeting. You have a Chinese class at 6pm. Call us and you can cancel this class at no extra cost.

There is no need for a fixed schedule. One week you may study for nine hours, and the next only one hour. This is the idea of our super flexible Chinese class program. We work around you. What’s more you can request to have the lessons anywhere in Taipei. Whether your preference is at your home, your office, a tea shop or any other quaint spot in Taiwan. It’s completely up to you.

All our teachers are fully qualified and boast bags of experience. You will be learning Chinese with the best teachers in the business. Our teachers sole aim is to get their students Chinese ahead fast, even if you have a busy working schedule.

In your Mandarin course you decide the content. We teach traditional or simplified Chinese and you can focus on the area you want to improve most. This could be character writing practice, spoken Mandarin, your reading comprehension, or simply a mixture of everything. Your teacher and our director of studies will create a plan based around your wants and needs.

Not sold just yet? You don’t need to hand over any money until you complete your third hour of class. If you are not satisfied with the classes come and speak to us. You will owe us no money and all lessons so far are free of charge.

Flexible Chinese Classes – Prices

Please see the following table for the Super Flexible class pricing:

Number of hours  0 – 100 > 100
Price per hour 1,340 NTD/hr 1,200 NTD/hr

If you are on more of a budget, feel free to look at our 1-on-1 Mandarin lessons in Taiwan. These classes are cheaper in price but offer slightly less flexibility when it comes to arranging and cancelling Chinese lessons.

What’s included in the flexible Chinese class Taiwan package?

  • A study plan tailored to you by our Director of Studies and your Chinese Tutor
  • Ability to cancel your class as many times as you want (two hours notice)
  • Ability to book a class during working hours (six hours notice)
  • Study in a location of your choosing in Taipei
  • Class length can be anything from one to six hours long.
  • Choose an ideal time for each class from 8am to 9pm subject to availability.

Flexible Classes – Prompt payment scheme

We are experts in teaching Chinese – this is what we love to do the most. Due to this our prices do not include the costs involved in chasing students up to pay for their course. We feel it isn’t fair to charge all students for the time needed to chase up a small handful of late payers. Therefore, all the prices listed already include a 5% prompt payment discount. All payments are due on the day you take your third hour of Chinese class. If you haven’t completed payment by then, you will pay 5% more on top.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel a flexible Chinese class?

You will have your teachers contact details so contact him/her directly via WeChat or Text Message to cancel a class.

How do I arrange a flexible Chinese class?

Arranging classes requires you to contact our director of studies rather than your teacher. Our director of studies will try to organise you a teacher at short notice. Obviously there is a chance your teacher may be busy and may have another class. However, in this case we will always find you an alternative teacher, subject to availability.

When do my flexible classes in Taipei expire?

Your flexible language program is valid for two years after the day of invoicing, providing you purchase less than 100 hours. If you purchase more than 100 hours your classes will never expire.

Can I change my Chinese teacher?

You can. It’s a request we don’t get all that often at all, but communicate with us and we will come to a solution.

Do you offer a cheaper alternative?

We do, yes. Our individual 1-on-1 Chinese classes are cheaper and we also offer Chinese group classes which are even cheaper still. If you are unsure which Mandarin course is best suited to you, contact us and our student advisors will guide you along the way. We have placed thousands of students before and know the best fit for every student.

How can I pay for my flexible Mandarin course

Any form of payment within reason. Cash, bank transfer, WeChat or AliPay are the most common. If you have another form of payment you wish to use, contact us and we’ll liaise with you.

When should I pay?

Whenever you wish but at the very latest you have to pay on the day of your third hour of Chinese class. If you are not satisfied with your first three hours and do not wish to continue with your flexible Chinese lessons then you have the option to cancel for no cost.

Do you issue Fapiaos?

We do issue Fapiaos. Please do be aware, due to the nature of the Chinese tax system we need following details from you:

  • Full name of the company OR
  • The person you want the Fapiao issued to before you start your course
  • Tax Number of the company (if necessary)

Fapiaos cannot be adjusted once they’ve been issued and can only be given during the calendar month that the payment was made so be sure to keep an eye on your dates. Fapiaos can be complex if you don’t know the details so please do communicate with us and we’ll guide you along the way.

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